Delta Is Thanking Each Of Their 80,000 Employees By Name In A Facebook Live

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Delta is a very proud airline, sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse. Today they’re doing something that seems like a cute way to recognize their employees. Specifically, Delta is having a Facebook Live where they’re thanking their roughly 80,000 employees by name. Yes, every single one of them, alphabetically.

They say that it will take them 50 hours, and that they’ll have 430 people from 23 cities reading the names. That means each person is reading off roughly a couple of hundred names. They started this just a couple of hours ago, so I guess it’ll be going on around the clock for the next couple of days.

Here’s how Delta describes what they’re doing:

How do you thank more than 80,000 hard-working, dedicated employees across the globe?
With a very Big Thank You. #DeltaProud

As much as I’m frustrated by aspects of Delta SkyMiles, etc., you can’t fault the airline for how well they take care of their employees. This is an area where some other airlines could learn a lesson.

  1. “… you can’t fault the airline for how well they take care of their employees. This is an area where some other airlines could learn a lesson.”

    Tip of the head to Qatar

  2. How about thanking their customers by opening up some award space at Saver levels
    and shocking the universe

  3. Just sent this link over to a Delta pilot and asked for comment… “What a waste of time and money paying someone to do that crap!”

    I have to agree with him here. This seems to have noting to do with thanking employees and everything to do with public relations…


  4. LOL. I wonder what Delta employees think of this. If I worked for Delta, I’d want something more tangible.

  5. Dave,

    As a Delta Employee, tangible is my pay doubling in 4.5 years, and 5 straight years of profit sharing checks that are substantial. Tangible is also me being able to travel almost 700,000 miles in the last 4.5 years.

    I love my company.

  6. They have time to pull a stunt like this, but when I wrote to the President of Delta to expose some of the shoddiest services I have ever experienced…. no response. Unless you are one of their First Class customers, you are just another piece of crap, based on the way the counter agents and the flight attendants treat you.

  7. They cold thank their frequent flyers by stop forcing them to take the mist undesirable routes when redeeming miles. Just want what I want with my little girl is 2 3 4 layovers going From DAY or CVG to TLV and to take 20 plus hrs instead 14 or 15

  8. You guys missed a few names for the salt lake location on the thanking workers. you got some but missed a few that have been there for a while with the company.

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