Delta knows more about you based on your SkyMiles account than you think

Via this FlyerTalk thread, it looks like there’s a way to see what customer segmentation/targeting information Delta has about you based on your SkyMiles account.

Simply log into your Delta SkyMiles account and then paste the following URL into the same browser:

From there you can copy the text into a Word document to make it easier to read if you’d like.

While I’m not sure what each of the data fields means, there’s quite a bit of speculation in the FlyerTalk thread.

This seems to suggest that Delta estimates your income, home value, etc., based on your SkyMiles account. While I think we all assume airlines do quite a bit of behavioral targeting, I didn’t realize they had this much data on customers.

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  1. I so happen to be sitting on a early morning Delta flight to ATL and now I want this plane to take off so I can grab my laptop out and look this info up! Curious what kind of info they have on me as a Diamond medallion. Hmmm

  2. This is basic info including what types of Delta credit cards you own, etc. It allows them to customizes your website experience to show you pertinent information. No mystery info here.

  3. I kinda agree with Mike. I have held Delta Skymiles cards twice, including right now, so why wouldn’t they be interested in estimating the value of my home, financial resources, etc? I imagine if nothing else they have occasionally pulled my credit report. In any event, I have made no secret of who I am and the fact that I am a bit of a bargain seeker/mileage runner…with 10 years of my personal online diary out there, it would be hard to pass myself off as an undercover agent. 🙂

  4. @ peachfront — Yes and no. Delta doesn’t have the right to pull your credit score, for one, so while I understand why they would *want* access to all this info, I’m kind of surprised by just how much info they have access to.

  5. @ chris — Right, I figured as much, though I’m kind of surprised AmEx is allowed to share so much information with Delta.

  6. Wow, most of my info is correct. My Mosaic is C13 (Silver Sophisticate)..I’m only 45 but a empty nester (son 24)but most of the descrip is correct. My Custvalseg is 2 and my mindset is FL. Anyone knows what this mean?

  7. Went over my report. It’s pretty entertaining. It’s almost as if Amex/Experian just makes “stuff” up. Even stuff that shouldn’t be all that hard to get right.

    To LC, it appears to be somewhat speculative but mindset is apparently what it takes to keep you happy. FL apparently means “not much.” I have the same comment. I guess that’s what I get for not being a complainer and not hitting them up for compensation for every little thing, like a real flyertalker. There are other labels, which appears to be things like SS, which apparently gets the complainer things like 20K Skymiles for not having a working audio entertainment system or free hotel rooms even if it’s a weather delay. Another mystery solved…The next time I have a problem, I will have to remember not to smile. 🙂

  8. Hi there. I’m a spokesperson from Delta.

    Like many companies, Delta uses demographic and other data to help provide a personalized experience for our customers, improve how we communicate with them and design offers customized to their interests. While the data displayed was only available to the specific user, we sincerely regret that this code displayed and the confusion it may have caused for our customers. We worked to resolve the issue promptly upon discovering it.

  9. If you think that info is too much don’t do any research on the information google and facebook has on you. Even when you are not logged into an account info on you is being obtained often via cookies and other means.

  10. I don’t have a Delta-branded credit card, and the page shows very little info about me — not even my age, which they collect for TSA each time I fly.

  11. While this peals back the curtain somewhat on what DL info collects on you, it should come as no surprise that this information is available to every large company you deal with on a regular basis. Assume they have this information or more. Perhaps instead of worrying about our credit score (which is available for review), we should be worrying about the information aggregators like Experian, who are not required to divulge your “Mosaic” rank or any other analysis they have done on you.

    BTW, the info about me was mostly correct. Could one also make the assumption that they get information from AMEX on your income or discretionary spending levels?

  12. I tried to follow the instructions and the file won’t open for me. It’s a .action file and when I try to open with word it’s a blank file. What am I doing wrong?

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