Delta introduces revenue based award redemptions!

I haven’t formally seen the announcement yet, but it’s the only way I can explain the below award pricing… šŸ˜‰

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  1. Pesos indeed. Probably due to the fine print below the award chart re partners and routing affecting the price

  2. I just found a flight still pricing normally, so if pricing engine is broken, it is not system wide.

    JFK-ATL Delta 843 on August 3rd connecting to ATL-STR Delta 116 on August 4th for 100,000 miles in First and Business.

  3. I actually booked a Skypesos award for July 2 wks ago and found 3 seats in bus cl to Europe (CDG) on the same plane using low miles! I found the return from another city in bus cl also using low miles. I about fell out of my chair! Yesterday I tried to change the date of the return portion and Delta wanted $200! Just to change the date! These were the last of my Skypesos. DELTA YOU SUCK! I AVOID buying revenue tickets on Delta like the plague.

  4. Are there added fuel surcharges on top of those Taxes/Carrier-Imposed Fees? If not, Delta left money on the table!

  5. Looks like you have a 162,500 High Business segment somewhere in there … can’t replicate, it gives me 325K now.

  6. Qantas Frequent Flyer gives FF the ability to use mileage for revenue based award redemptions. Often expensive, but sometimes a steal, fly SYD-HKG for around 180K miles in First, earning you both mileage (27K if you are platinum) and status credits (360SC, you need 1200 to re-qualify for Platinum = OW Emerald). I love this, great way to burn miles.

  7. This is just a broken pricing. US-Mexico-EU is not a permitted routing so this ticket is priced as us-Mexico and Mexico-EU two round trips. Both are in high business, resulting in 562500 miles required. Lol

  8. What I love is Delta’s thought process that going to revenue based will save them money on award redemptions… what it will actually do is enable people to all redeem more easily, increasing the number of redemptions. In the end I think it will end up costing them more than their current semi-crooked offering.

  9. My BF pointed out that it’s only about 250,000 actual miles to the moon. Maybe they’re introducing space flights?

  10. You know, I just have to, just have to lead with this pic in my next blog post. Gracias

  11. Thanks for the update. Have never been fond of Delta. This helps me to decide what to do with my Delta Gold AE card – dump it. I’m sticking to Korean Air.

  12. Its sort of embarrassing that such a misleading post made it past the QC process….

    This routing is LAX-MEX-ATL-MUC. Not only is that not a permitted routing (so that this is actually TWO tickets at HIGH Business), but the taxes look right as well.

    Each international exit or entry into the US gets hit with about $20 in taxes, and here there are THREE of these (leaving LAX, Arriving ATL, leaving ATL). Then you have the Mexico City fees (which run about $30 bucks), then you have the 9/11 taxes on three flights, and the entry fees/taxes for Europe.

    While say, UA is slightly better (as it has no “high business”), this routing would be about 350,000 miles.

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