Delta adding Economy Comfort fleetwide

While Delta has offered Economy Comfort (very similar to United’s Economy Plus) on their international fleet for a while now, they’ll be rolling it out on their domestic fleet as well over the coming months, including their two class regional jets.

Domestically Economy Comfort will be available for free for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Medallion members, as well as full fare passengers, and be available at a discount to Silver Medallion members. The cost of Economy Comfort will be $19-99 per one-way.

In fairness, if you have access to exit row seating, this is all somewhat of a gimmick, assuming you can snag an exit row seat early enough, which offers even more legroom.

Anyway, this is certainly an interesting development for Delta, and makes me wonder if American will start to offer a similar product given that United is now no longer the exception in offering Economy Plus.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. This makes Gold Medallion even more valuable, and it is already an excellent status. I think Gold may be the Medallion sweet spot (100% RDM bonus, exit row and E+ access, Elite+ status with ST, international lounge access, award upgrades, free bags, SkyPriority), IF you can tolerate sitting in coach frequently or simply buying K-fares and upgrading with miles. I’m thinking of trading in my DM for GM beginning 2/2013…Of course, by then DL will have eroded some of the aforementioned benefits.

  2. @ Michael — The last ticket I booked for a client on Air Tahiti Nui had taxes/fees of about $250, so yes, it appears they do charge (mild) fuel surcharges on awards through Delta.

  3. Hi Lucky – I think it’s more than a gimmick. E+ is a big selling point on UA for those of us who don’t always get upgraded!

    On DL narrow body planes, there are typically only two exit row aisle seats that recline. (I know this is a controversial topic, but I get back problems if I can’t recline.)

    With Economy Comfort, there will be several aisle seats with extra legroom, and passengers won’t have to feel guilty about reclining since the person behind them will likely be in Economy Comfort as well.

  4. I agree with “uwr”…not sure where the “gimmick” comment comes from. This doesn’t sound like a gimmick any more than UA’s E+ seats are a gimmick (which they’re not).

  5. @ uwr @ Andrew — The big asterisk to my statement was “if you have exit row seating.” My point was simply that in seven years of being a 1K on United, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve sat in Economy Plus. Every other time it was either in first class or an exit row.

  6. Silver becomes ever-more devalued. Since Economy Comfort would take away from the more-desirable seats at the front of coach, this pushes you furher back if you are lowly “tin” elite. Boo. Why even have Silver, Delta?

  7. @Lucky – not sure what the exit rows are like on UA, but as uwr described, Delta’s exit rows are a pretty poor seat for any attribute other than leg room. In addition to often lacking recline, the cushioning is often painfully thin and most are uncomfortably narrow due to fixed armrests with trays. Not to mention cold. Many PM/DMs I know actively avoid the exit rows when they are not upgraded; thus EC is a real improvement.

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