Decision on “Advance Purchase vs. Point Stay”

I’ve finally made a decision (at least for now) regarding the question I asked last week about whether I should use points or just pay for my stay at the Conrad Hong Kong. Thanks to everyone that helped out, as some great points were made.

Ultimately I’ve decided to use points. If the rate would have been $150 it would have been a no brainer to pay with cash. If the rate had been $300 it would have been a no brainer to use points, but this was right in the middle and an area in which it seems like a wash either way.

That’s not the main reason I made the decision, though. This stay in Hong Kong is at the beginning of our trip, right after we arrive from YYZ. As of now there’s still availability in first class on the same flight the day before, and our stay happens to be over a weekend. My schedule has changed, allowing us to leave a day earlier if we wanted. In this case we would have a two night stay in Hong Kong over a weekend, so I would probably use a buy one get one free weekend night certificate at the InterContinental Grand Stanford, since the GM still “owes” me club access for my next stay. Since the rate is only about $200USD/night, I’d be paying that for a two night stay including club access, which is a great deal.

The one thing preventing me from making the switch is that we’re the only people booked in first class on our current YYZ-HKG flight, while there are two others already booked on the flight the night before. The lure of potentially having a whole first class cabin to ourselves is quite tempting.

OK, I guess I just solved one question by asking yet another, probably more difficult, question.

Thoughts? 😀

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  1. Lucky, hope you know that reservations at the nicer IC HKG now include free access to the Club Intercontinental Lounge? Grand Stafford doesn’t have quite the view as the flagship IC.

  2. Ace, you’re referring to free club access when booking through FHR, right? Or is there another way to get free club access? Unfortunately the rate is about $500/night vs. $200/night, so I’m not convinced it’s worth the premium, even when using a BOGO.

  3. No, business must be slow in HKG these days – I got an email from Priority Club offering free access to the Club Intercontinental in the IC HKG…I think the promo period ran until the end of Feb?

    I’d put the value of the Club IC around $100 per day, as I was there with my wife. Breakfast was probably the best spread I have seen in any luxury hotel (even better than Westin MEL). Evening cocktails and nice hor d’ourves also included. Free internet there, too.

    I’ll check if there’s any threads on FT.

  4. Thanks Ace. If it ran until March I’d probably consider it, since that seems like a great deal and I’ve heard great reviews of the IC HK for the most part.

  5. Oliver, have you not seen the size of the Cathay suites? There’s no room to people watch, even with a full load!

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