Woman Accused Of Trying To Bribe US Customs Agent With Sex

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I’ve recently starting watching the show “Locked Up Abroad,” which is sort of addictive. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it basically recounts the stories of those who did jail time abroad for smuggling (typically drugs). It has given me a newfound respect for the jobs of customs & immigration officers, and how my frequent 1-2 day trips outside the US may look suspicious.

While trying to bring designer goods/jewelry into the US isn’t the same as trying to sneak in heroin (for example), this still makes for quite a story. A 55 year old Chinese lady was charged with offering sex to a customs officer in exchange for her daughter being allowed to enter the country with $160,000 in undeclared goods.

The story goes back to last July, when she arrived in New York on an Air France flight. Via the NY Daily News:

Customs and Border Patrol officers discovered the daughter had in her possession several undeclared goods, including expensive designer pocketbooks, wristwatches, a fur coat and diamond jewelry valued at $160,000.

Yang allegedly wrote her nickname and a telephone number on a piece of paper and passed it to the officer, according to the complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court. Then she allegedly offered him $10,000 and a wristwatch if he let her daughter pass through Customs with the goods, the complaint states.

The honest officer excused himself to get wired up for sound, and returned to Yang where, this time, she upped the bribe to an offer to “sleep with” him and take him to China, according to the complaint.

Alrighy then! Her attorney says it’s all a misunderstanding:

“There was clearly a misunderstanding that unfortunately has resulted in an unjust arrest of a wonderful woman.”

I wonder if she’s paying the attorney in cash, or if she tried to pay him in other ways as well…

She’s presently on $250,000 bail, and staying at her daughter’s apartment in NYC.

  1. lol really a 55 year old woman is trying to bribe someone with sex…uh good luck with that. Now the daughter might be a hot number though

  2. Just to be clear – was the copulative proposal on behalf of the daughter or the 55-year old woman herself?

    I suppose it could be with the 55-yr old herself, seeing how her attorney describes her as ‘wonderful’

  3. @ Eric, @Nic, @Ivan – The assumption that people in their fifties are automatically sexually unattractive is ludicrous. When you think about the whole younger is always better thing, where does it go? 25? 18? Younger? That’s where the Jared Fogles of this world are coming from.

  4. Since she was from China, were the undeclared goods all original products or all knock offs that she was smuggling into the US to sell at Chinatown?

  5. I don’t think it’s a question of whether or not a 55 year old woman can be sexually attractive, it’s whether or not sex with a 55 year old woman has any value as a commodity.

  6. @Dereck- The picture unfortunately has nothing to do with the story, outside of the fact that she is CBP, much like the male in the story. Guess pictures of male CBP agents are hard to find, so a female would have to do. Unfortunate distraction from the story.

    Have to mention that Christy Brinkley just turned 61 and is smoking hot…..

  7. She looks like a 55 year old who was once attractive and has had a lot of work done and maybe kidded herself that it makes her look younger instead of just well-maintained. It’s sad in a way. She’s probably been trading on her looks her whole life, and this is her wake-up call — getting arrested for trying to sell something years past its sell-by date. It sounds like they would have let her slide but then she got bold enough to fly back out to China again and maybe try to pick up some items to smuggle? Or were they holding the warrant all this time & were too lazy to execute it until she actually went to the airport?

    Hard to feel sympathy for someone who can afford to buy $160K worth of goodies on vacation. They should have just declared them & paid the duty. What’s the big deal if they’re so rich?

  8. @santastico- my thought exactly. All I could think was “copy watch? Copy bag?” Which is what one hears every 5 feet in HK!

    As far as the lawyer’s payment, sleeping with a client is an automatic disbarment, so given the cloud she’s already under, I doubt he’d be that stupid.

  9. I love Locked Up Abroad. It’s called Banged Up Abroad in the UK, where it’s produced. IT does get a little redundant though. So many episodes have the same fact pattern – young naive woman in financial trouble meets older guy who promises her a trip somewhere, may she agrees to carry back a little bit of something, and then two hours before her return flight some goons show up at her hotel room with luggage packed with 30 pounds of cocaine and they frogmarch her to the airport, telling her “don’t worry, we’ve paid off the customs inspectors to overlook this.”

  10. Breaking news – the charges should be upgraded to Sex trafficking, Yang was planing “this time, she “upped the bribe to an offer to “sleep with” him and take him to China” . She will get off on all charges for no jury will belive that anyone would want to sleep with her and the tax on the goods are 0.3464 x160000 is only 5500.00

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