Could it be? Is Hyatt finally dumping the White Ginger Portico stuff?!

Christmas may just be coming early for me. Hack My Trip shares a link to a Wall Street Journal article about gender preferences when it comes to travel. Hidden in the article is this nugget:

On Saturday, the company will change to new brands of bathroom products tested on women for its properties world-wide. Hyatt Regency Hotels in North America, for instance, will carry KenetMD Skin Care products instead of the Portico products they use now. “If I don’t have to bring all of my bath products, I can turn a checked bag into a carry-on bag,” said Sara Kearney, Hyatt’s senior vice president of brands.

Rejoice! Seriously, I’m not a toiletry snob, though the Portico stuff was probably made of the same stuff as Lady Gaga’s perfume line.

Now, I want to like Hack My Trip. Well, I did want to, until I read this:

Personally, I like White Ginger. I think itā€™s a little strong, and I think the containers could be improved, but overall I am not one of those pushing for change.

Sorry, Scott. I was totally hoping we could be BFFs since we live in the same city, but this’ll be it for us. You… like this stuff?!

If anyone is staying at a Hyatt this weekend and tries the new stuff, please let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Hate that stuff. Would be so happy if they changed it. Staying at the Andaz WeHo for a couple nights before FTU and the products are much better. Down with the white ginger!

  2. I never really liked the smell, but the shape of the soap was quite nice. Didn’t end up half melted like all the other soaps.

  3. I had the KenetMD at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress earlier this year. It was a big improvement over the White Ginger. I’ll even settle for Portico’s Quince+Bergamot.

    For me, White Ginger is the most offensive skin care scent I’ve ever experienced at a hotel. IMO, Hilton beats Hyatt hands down with its Peter Thomas Roth products.

  4. Great news! While I personally think the Portico shampoo and conditioner works pretty well (and much better than the stuff from some other chains), I find the smell so offensive that I’ve started bringing my own toiletries when staying at Hyatts.

  5. Ginger White was Herman Cain’s mistress.

    The issue I had is that many of the shampoos turn brown if hotels store them too long. Brown Ginger is not pleasing to the eyes.

  6. I’m sure the new stuff is pretty good, too. I’m just trying to pick my battles with the global hotel toiletry cartel. Can’t we all get along? šŸ˜‰

  7. The portico junk was the thing I liked least about Hyatt. This is good news. BTW Andaz WeHo has the best bath products I’ve ever gotten at a hotel. wish Hyatt would put those in all their properties

  8. The thing that worries me about this is the article’s remark that the new stuff was “tested on women.” That makes me think it might be pretty “girly.” But the truth is even girly would be an improvement on the status quo.

  9. Thank goodness!

    I was forced to stay in a Hyatt for a conference this summer. I forgot about how unbearable the scent was, so I had to run to CVS to buy lotion!

  10. I can’t believe this is even being discussed. Who cares about soap? You people are truly spoiled and only complain if awarded rooms and tickets are not up to your standards. Nobody is going to care if you smell like white ginger!!!

  11. It really isn’t the most pleasant smell especially if you’ve had a little too much to drink last night… =/

  12. I hate the Portico White Ginger and anything will be better.

    For the record, I know that SQ has retired their 744’s

  13. I have to say I never minded it, and liked the soap shape too… but am not offended to see it replaced, as I was obviously in the minority!

    I particularly dislike the Sheraton “Shine” Mandarin & Mint scent and would LOVE to see that disappear.

  14. I’m also not a fan of white ginger and bring my own soap and toiletries. As soon as I arrive at a Hyatt, I move all of it out of the shower and out of my sight! Instead, I travel with the soap from the Park Hyatt Tokyo. I took every bar they put in my room because it was so awesome!!

    @Jason74 – I’m at the Andaz in West Hollywood tonight too before moving to the Sheraton for FTU. If you want to have a drink and talk travel stories, I’m having dinner in the restaurant around 7:45. Same goes for anyone else at the Andaz tonight! I’ll be the person reading a book on Beijing and Shanghai for my trip next week.

  15. Wow, this is the best news in hotel toiletries since Hilton switched from that horrible Crabtree and Evelyn stuff to Peter Thomas Roth. And totally serious about that. Always did love that Hyatt gave you Aquafresh, though.

  16. @ Diane — I’m no snob when it comes to toiletries, though if I had to pick a favorite it would have to be Bulgari.

  17. I’m sitting at a Hyatt Regency in Florida right now and they have Portico but it’s eucalyptus scented (thank god because the white ginger is not my favorite).

  18. I personally like the White Ginger body wash! I will try the new line next time I stay at Hyatt to compare! I hope Hyatt has a sale on the replaced stock! šŸ™‚

  19. I can understand why men would not like the scent. Not my favorite but I loved the clarifying shampoo. Worked great on my hair and now I have to find another shampoo. Too bad.

  20. Im upset by this news as I searched for the Lotion online to buy it after my fiance says it smelled amazing. Maybe they can sell it alone so People can still get it. To people who complained about it shame on you its certianly not the worst out there and Im sick of all the other chains smelling the same

  21. I love the white ginger smell.. Still have a little bottle of the shampoo at home that I’ve been saving!
    I wish I could buy it!

  22. I have read a lot of comments both good and bad about the white ginger. As a missionary in Haiti we received a donation of one box of approximately 100 bars. It was already open so we could not tell for sure what was there. The soap make a great little gift to the children where I am at. I am in the gettos of Cape Haitian and if you have any of the little bars available that the rich people do not like, we would be more than happy to have them and would ask the Lord to shower down blessing on your house, business and your person. Can’t Guarantee anything but the appreciation. Thanks Don

  23. I loved Portico when I was in Miami! I hope I can buy it someplace else! Everyone I know wanted it! Cheryn in Santa Barbara

  24. From where I can buy the portico spa white ginger shampoo in India.pls suggest.its an amazing wash for me. So pls suggest .

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