Corrupting the minds of others isn’t always a bad thing

A couple of weeks ago I booked a first class award ticket for my brother and mom to Egypt for travel in a couple of months, and had a few problems, although in the end everything was fine. My brother has always wanted to try Singapore Airlines First, especially after hearing me rave about it without end, and really wanted to fly them on the return from FRA-JFK, since my mom and brother were flying back on different days.

I explained to him that SQ F award tickets are possible for one person, although in my experience they’re either available way in advance or only shortly before departure. Since he wanted to make the change for the return portion of his trip and one can’t make changes to a Star Alliance award once travel begins, I basically told him to give up hope.

Just to make him shut up I introduced him to the ANA tool to check award availability, and he started tracking SQ award availability specifically on that route, always checking for the next two weeks. Basically he was trying to find a correlation between F availability on seatcounter and the release of award seats. I thought it was a massive waste of time, but he was determined.

Well, today I get a call from him telling me that SQ F opened up for his date, well over two months from now, and I was shocked. Considering that he’s not returning until mid-December, I was surprised they opened up inventory. I called UA to make the change, and two minutes later I saw him confirmed in F on SQ26!Suffice it to say he’s ecstatic, and sadly in this case I was a bit of a pessimist.

I guess this gives me a new sense of hope for the future…. never give up!

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  1. In F, the better option would be to take Singapore Airlines from JFK to Frankfurt (very nice Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse) and take Lufthansa for the return (for access to the First Class Terminal, or First Class Lounge if flying from Munich).

    Now your brother is flying SQ from Frankfurt he can only access the United International First Lounge or the Lufthansa Senator Lounges. Lufthansa First Class Lounges/Terminal are not available if flying another airline in first.

  2. Agreed Kiwi Flyer, but on the way out he’s flying with my mom, while he’s flying alone on the way back. While the outbound is definitely a better all around SQ experience, a bit of SQ is better than no SQ, in my opinion. Also, since the flight is so early I doubt he’ll spend much time at the lounge.

    Good points though!

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