Coolest. Service Animal. Ever.

A reader sent in the following picture of a guide pony from a recent flight:

And it seems this has even picked up some media attention.

Totally awesome!

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  1. You have got to be kidding me… What do they do with the horse sh*t? Or is the pony potty trained?

  2. Thomas, it looks like it’s got one of those horsey diapers on it if I’m not mistaken…

  3. I’ve been wanting to get papers to bring my exotic Bengal cat as a service animal. I find her very comforting, but that’s about all she’s good for.

  4. This was one of the changes for the new 2010 ADA Standards. Now the only permitted service animals are guide dogs and miniature horses for those persons with disabilities that cannot utilize a dog (They have dog allergies, for instance). Service cats, snakes, etc. are no longer permitted under the ADA.

  5. Clearly lucky and I have very, very different definitions of the phrase “totally awesome”.

  6. Much more practical than a seeing eye dog. A mini horse will live 30 years. Probably more hauling capacity too.

  7. Adorable! Service mini ponies do great work and have been around for a while. What’s with all the hate, guys?

  8. ahh haa ha! I hope Dukeman see this! His wish came true!

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    Originally Posted by i’mlovin’it
    Good to hear you received a better response, dukeman!

    i’mlovin’it: “I am looking forward to my first flight with a “Service Monkey” on board…”

    Dukeman: “Personally, I’m holding out for a “service pony.”

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