Coolest hotel pool ever?

I stayed at the Park Hyatt Seoul last week and thought the pool was pretty cool, but check out the pool at the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

That’s awesome bordering on freaky!

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  1. Miss Southern California a great deal every time I see an infinity pool….

    Thanks for sharing the photo, lucky!

  2. If you stand at the edge and look down, what’s there? Is there a terrace a few feet down, or is it truly the edge of the building and a straight drop to the ground? If the latter, I’d hate to be in there if the wall gets a good sized leak!

  3. Yeah, looks cool, but I might be a bit scared. Though frankly, the thought of staying on one of the top floors at the Grand or Park Hyatt Shanghai freaks me out a bit too.

    @ AJ — I misread that a bit. Thought you said “Miss South California,” as in a beauty pageant. First thing that went through my head was “I personally believe that we as US Americans…” 😉

  4. All the floors at the PH Shanghai are ‘top’ floors! Well, in the sense that the hotel doesn’t start until about the 80th floor. Personally, I thought it was awesome, although in some ways it’s too far up for much of a view (due to the pollution.)

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