1. Miss Southern California a great deal every time I see an infinity pool….

    Thanks for sharing the photo, lucky!

  2. If you stand at the edge and look down, what’s there? Is there a terrace a few feet down, or is it truly the edge of the building and a straight drop to the ground? If the latter, I’d hate to be in there if the wall gets a good sized leak!

  3. Yeah, looks cool, but I might be a bit scared. Though frankly, the thought of staying on one of the top floors at the Grand or Park Hyatt Shanghai freaks me out a bit too.

    @ AJ — I misread that a bit. Thought you said “Miss South California,” as in a beauty pageant. First thing that went through my head was “I personally believe that we as US Americans…” 😉

  4. All the floors at the PH Shanghai are ‘top’ floors! Well, in the sense that the hotel doesn’t start until about the 80th floor. Personally, I thought it was awesome, although in some ways it’s too far up for much of a view (due to the pollution.)

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