Cool Video Of Emirates A380 Maintenance Check

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Last week Emirates uploaded a pretty snazzy video to their YouTube channel of an A380 3-C maintenance check, which took about two months to complete.

I think a lot of people don’t realize just how extensive maintenance checks on airplanes are. They’re not just “checking” to see if anything is wrong, but rather basically taking apart most of the plane and then putting it back together. That’s why you shouldn’t feel unsafe when you’re flying an older plane — it still undergoes the same maintenance checks of newer planes, as it’s basically taken apart and put back together every few years.

So it’s pretty cool that Emirates created a sub-two minute video giving an overview of the process:

Pretty impressive, eh?

  1. That was cool, thanks for sharing.

    One nitpickey thing: Toward the end, where it says “Installation of Pylons” – the pylons are what attaches the jet to the wing. The pylons were already attached and clearly visible. Shouldn’t it say “Installation of Engines?”

    Once I post this comment here I’ll resume looking for a life, I promise.

  2. @ TravelinWilly : Not just the end but they said it in the beginning as well. Both times, they removed the engine.

    @ Lucky: In the video they claim the C check is the most extensive which is wrong. D check is the most extensive. Also even with the things they are taking out, there is a lot that they are not looking into simply because its not mentioned in the C check guidelines. Did you know that if the mechanics found something, they have to fix it and that is the simplest reason airlines don’t want mechanics to open up everything (other than what is mentioned in that check guidelines).

    Yes it is safer to fly older airplanes of established airlines but I won’t fly any local airline (in europe and asia)

  3. yeah why no overhaul or even cleaning/refreshing of the F cabin?? atleast nothing that was shown as part of this clip. I suppose its possible they view the front of the plane as a ‘low traffic’ area so might not be overhauled as frequently as the other cabins and might be on schedule for the next check level etc.

  4. If I am not wrong the first A380 Emirates flew was in 2008. So in 6 years they have gone for a 3C check. Pretty impressive. Is it mandatory? I have flown quite a few planes which belong to the 1990’s like the A320, recently I flew in one of them which was completely run down. I am wondering this 3C check is done by only profit making big airlines of the Middle East who are customer conscious or by third world air lines as well ? What’s the rule here?!

  5. @ SS — Yep, I do believe it’s standard on all aircraft. Keep in mind some airlines put in new seats and updated carpets, while others just put the same crap back in the plane. So that could very well be the difference.

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