Continental’s latest ad

Check out Continental’s latest ad:

I’m torn on this one. On one hand it’s “modern,” but at the same time the first 20 seconds sound more like an advertisement for a sports car or Boeing, which usually makes me tune out instantly. By the time they mention Continental the commercial is over.

I’m more of a fan of their ad from earlier this year, which is a bit more entertaining:

Speaking of their “youngest fleet” advertisements, on what grounds can they still claim that? Doesn’t Virgin America have a younger fleet? Or are they just comparing themselves to the other legacies?

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  1. The disclaimer in the older ad: “Continental Airlines flies the newest jet fleet among global airlines based in the U.S.”

    Any guess as to what qualifies an airline as global?

  2. I actually think the new ad is probably more effective – not everyone is an airplane junkie like we all are, so the “car ad” hook might catch more people’s attention.

  3. What they don’t mention is that you’re more likely to be on a flight with no IFE than a flight with their $6 directTV……

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