Continental to offer exit row seating for a fee

Starting March 17, Continental will start selling exit row seating for a fee (which varies based on the length of the flight). Of course Continental elites can continue to reserve exit rows in advance for free, and the same will be true for United elites in the near future. I have to wonder about the practicality of this, though. It’s not like Continental has Economy Plus, so I would have to imagine that exit rows will almost always be full with elites, at least on midcons and transcons. I mean, maybe there’ll be a chance to buy up to a middle seat in the exit row once in a while, but I can’t imagine that would make someone paying $50+ for the additional legroom very happy.

(Tip of the hat to Pat)

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  1. Is this at the time of booking? So ma and pa kettle can get the exit rows before the elites? Or is this a day-of departure upsell? If the former, it could upset some elites.

  2. This is only available at check in. Currently Continental allows ALL passengers access to the exit rows during check in for free. Before check in, only Platinum and Gold OnePass elite members have access to those seats. This is basically changing access to the exit row for non-elites from being available for free at check in to being available for an additional fee at check in. There’s no real disadvantage to elite members here.

  3. Seems like its an advantage to Elite members already in exit rows, as the open adjacent seat or two is less likely to go filled …..

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