Classiest. Groupon. Ever.

Groupon in San Juan has a pretty awesome deal running right now for an eight or 12 hour block in a room at the Villa Arco Iris Motel for only $27.

Included are two glasses of wine or beer, and disco lights. Now that’s what I call bundling!

While I don’t speak a word of Spanish (I only took it for four years in high school), here’s what Google Translate says:


Stay at Villa Rainbow Motel in Caguas.
Suite with queen bed, air conditioning, DVD, radio, stage, tube and disco lights.
They are 2 pink wine glasses can be exchanged for 2 beers to choose.

fine print

Valid only for Disco villas, condos and villas Royal Balcony.
Not valid for Friday or Saturday.
Not valid between 10 to February 15, 2012.
For over 18 years.
Open 24 hours.
Reservation Hours: Mon to Fri from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
A Groupon per person.
See conditions that apply to all Groupon

This raises a couple of questions. First, are shorter blocks possible? I mean, who needs 8-12 hours? And more importantly, is satisfaction guaranteed on this Groupon?


  1. Oh Lucky!! If you can’t find a way to fill 8-12 hours, then I feel sorry for your significant other. And although satisfaction is never guaranteed, any shortcomings are completely your fault.

  2. 8 AA points per $ through the AA Mall too…. Does this create a whole new category for mileage earning? Instead of ‘Pimp this ride’ will we see a new show called ‘Pimp these miles’?

  3. @R Johnson it’s comments like that that make me understand why some bloggers filter their comments. lucky i really think it’d be fair of you to delete that.

  4. Oh, Lucky…. you puritannical German…

    Motels, sometimes known as love motels, are quite common in cultures in which children live at home with parents until they get married, or many people live in multi-generational households from which couples want to get away. Or even for couples that live in high-rise apartment buildings with thin walls.

    In fact, the frequent-user program for a motel booking service in Brazil is called “Bons de cama,” or “Good in bed.” The fancy motel rooms in Brazil feature dance floors, giant jacuzzis, room service, and even stripper poles. They have discreet parking and private entrances if you don’t want anyone to see your car pull up.

    And yes, they are normally rented by the hour.

  5. Wow, thanks for explanation Harvson3, what we don’t learn by reading lucky’s blog!

    Thanks for posting Lucky 🙂

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