Amazing Deal: $1,100 China Eastern Business Class Fares From LAX To China

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At the moment China Eastern has what might just be the cheapest non-mistake transpacific business class fares I’ve ever seen for travel originating in the US. At least I assume these fares aren’t a mistake, since Air China and China Eastern seem to be having a bit of a fare war.

China Eastern has roundtrip business class fares of under $1,150 between Los Angeles and Beijing. Their hub is in Shanghai, so you have a connection in each direction, though travel time isn’t that long.

Best I can tell these fares are valid for outbound travel August 28 through October 3, 2018. Return travel needs to be completed within six months of the outbound. Best I can tell, while ticket changes are free, the refund fee is $500 per ticket (you’ll want to check the terms for the particular ticket you’re booking). Availability seems excellent, and even a quick turnaround is possible.

The fares won’t show on ITA Matrix or Google Flights, but are bookable through other online travel agencies, like FlightHub.

While China Eastern’s soft product leaves a bit to be desired, their hard product is excellent, as they have reverse herringbone seats and wifi on their 777s.

This fare is probably most compelling for Delta SkyMiles members, given the number of miles you can earn for these flights.

Here’s part of the SkyMiles earnings chart for travel on China Eastern:

This fare would earn you 150% MQMs, 200% redeemable miles, and MQDs equivalent to 40% of the distance flown. The itinerary covers a distance of 14,332 miles, so that means a non-elite member would earn:

  • 21,498 MQMs
  • 28,664 redeemable miles
  • 5,733 MQDs (which is huge, since you’re earning MQDs at over five times the rate you usually would)

This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a cheap business class ticket to China or are trying to requalify for status with Delta, this is a great opportunity. If you’re interested I’d recommend booking ASAP, because there’s no way this fare will last.

Anyone plan to take advantage of these great China Eastern business class fares?

(Tip of the hat to this FlyerTalk thread)


  1. I guess you’ve never booked with FlightHub. They’re not live prices. You will make the booking and then get a phone call shortly afterwards to tell you the fare you selected is no longer available. But, thankfully, they do have another great fare available for your itinerary and it’s just a few hundred $ more.

  2. YES ! I AM GOING ! Beijing is one of my favorite cities in the world. Thank you Lucky.

  3. @gerry yes you need a visa. A US tourist visa to mainland China is $150 and is good for 10 years. If you live there or are working there every 90 days you can go to Hong Kong, China for the day and then re enter.

  4. Hi Lucky, What would be the least mileage (business) i can use to go to ICN from PEK? also thanks for the great deal! score 5 seats during september

  5. I found the seats very hard and uncomfortable plus they serve very tiny portions for business class, would not fly them again.

  6. How is the average consumer supposed to know if this is a mistake fare or not? Or if the airline will cancel reservations?

    I get that this is legit, I’m not suggesting otherwise, but the point I’m trying to make is that we have no idea what are good deals, and what are deals that airlines will want to go back and cancel.

    I’m sure most of us have spent more then 1100 on a roundtrip ticket in economy before. So if BA sells a J ticket for $1,000 say New York-London, is that a mistake or no? That’s a shorter flight then any TPAC crossing.

  7. Few more tips for people who want to jump on this deal:

    1. Long delay is fairly common at PVG and during summer the thunderstorm make the delay even worse. On top of that the immigration, transfer, and security will take a long long time. Even worse sometimes the luggage priority isn’t strictly enforced. Leave enough transfer time and purchase the ticket with a credit card that includes delay insurance.

    2. Pick the PVG-PEK flight operated by 33L since it is the newest A330CEO fleet with staggered configuration. Almost all of them are new to 1yr old. The other flights are all A321s from PVG.

    3. If you want to save time, transfer at PVG. There are other fares that requires change of airport.

    4. This is definitely not a mistake fare. MU lowers the price of LAX-PVG-PEK in order to compete with CA because CA lowers the price of LAX-PEK-PVG to $1500.

  8. @bryan t, exactly what I think too, and the reason that airlines need to honor all fares, including so-called “mistake fares”. There is no way to tell what their intentions are. It’s false advertising if they do not honor it, and they will get pretty good at ensuring their posted fares are correct if they are required to honor it.

  9. @bryan t – you’ll know it’s a mistake fare when the airline decides it is and cancels your ticket. You may get an email from the airline informing you that in fact you are in error for having purchased a fare at the wrong price and they are graciously reconciling your inappropriate actions. You will also be lectured in the comments section of this and several other websites for having unethically purchased a low price ticket. That’s how you will know.

  10. China Eastern is a fine airline. I flew them twice this year JFK-PVG-SIN-PVG-JFK for more DL miles, MQM’s and MQD’s than I would ever get on Delta. The food was much better than I expected, especially on the PVG-SIN routes. Also, while I had read horror stories about the smell of smoke from the pilots etc. Not one of the 8 segments I flew had any whiff of smoke.
    Transferring at PVG is fine and no big deal. You are going to be in business class so there are lines that are shorter for you. Also you can rest in their business class lounge which is huge. The upstairs is usually less crowded. I was able to grab a shower at each stay there.
    I did the trips to get my MQD’s over with in 2 trips for less than $4000. Bought the tickets on Expedia, put in my Skymiles numbers and they credited me within a week of getting home.
    This is a no brainer of a deal. If you need the miles, go for it. If you want to visit PEK, it’s a great time of year and you can’t get there in business class for less. Seriously, I have no problem with China Eastern and would fly them in a heartbeat. I am as a matter of fact again in November.

  11. I am looking at a late December trip to try and get Delta status. For an international trip if it is the same flight at same cost is it always better to fly with a partner airline ? Especially klm and China Eastern and southern based on the fact that miles and MQD are based on distance ? Are there other partner airlines that are also better choices than booking with delta?

  12. I am flying seattle through paris to rabat. on the way there its delta one between seattle and paris. on return from paris to seattle is a flight marketed by air france. I bought the ticket through delta. will I earn miles based on ticket cost on the way there as is delta policy and miles and MQD based on distance as is air france policy? I could have bought the same ticket through the air france site at the same cost. would it have made a difference with the final earned amount of MQD and MQMs?

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