The Cheapest Way To Get From Tampa To New York Is Via…

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Last night I was on ITA Matrix looking up the cheapest fares between Tampa and New York. The cheapest one-way ticket was $105, which seemed super reasonable. Great, who am I flying, Delta or JetBlue?

Nope, the cheapest ticket was actually on Frontier… via Denver!


Don’t get me wrong, I’d be thrilled if American published a fare like that, as it would be an absolute mileage bonanza. But on Frontier I’m not quite as hot about the idea, even though their frequent flyer program is based on miles flown. Wonder why. šŸ˜‰


Would you fly from Tampa to New York via Denver… on Frontier?

  1. Just status match to Summit with Frontier, and get free checked and carry on bags, plus the 38 inches of legroom in their bulkhead!

  2. People need to value their personal time and health, regardless of how many miles you earn for a cheap price, that’s silly.

  3. Maybe some people are valuing their personal time and still flying it. Maybe their personal time has little value.

  4. Good catch, Ben! I’m surprised they would file such a silly fare! That being said, Summit status with F9 is a hidden gem, and it’s very unfortunate they are gutting it early next year. Makes sense with the ULCC model though.

  5. I agree with Max J. Status match to Summit and get the status for 90 days. Free checked bags, carry on, stretch seating (with a high likelihood of there being an open middle seat), priority check-in/screening/boarding, and complimentary beverages (including alcohol).

  6. They’ve had a large number of ultra cheap fares the past few weeks, like $97 RT SLC – DEN – ORD. I used to fly them if I needed a cheap fare and could transit DEN in the mornings but now that they’ve gone all Spirit I refuse to.

  7. VG–I respectfully disagree. Denver in the winter is generally fine–they don’t get snow very often in Denver. It’s Denver in the summer that’s much worse–afternoon thunderstorms almost everyday.

  8. Frontier has received a lot of negative press regarding the ebola nurse who was on one of their jets. Maybe it has people scared and so they are trying to shift seats however they can for the time being.

  9. Too bad Frontier is not a star alliance or one world carrier. would I do it if I had all the time in the world, probably not.

  10. We just flew from DTW to IAD last weekend on Frontier. Nothing to complain about at $85rt. I don’t need to purchase a $2 coke or get free peanuts to be a happy traveler.

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