Cheap Hainan Airlines Business Class Fares From Toronto To Beijing

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While Chinese airlines aren’t well known for their service (even in first class!), Hainan Airlines is generally regarded as the best of the bunch. They’re one of only seven five star airlines in the world, according to Skytrax.


I’ve been eager to try Hainan Airlines, especially as they have quite a few flights from Beijing to North America, including to Boston, Chicago, San Jose, Seattle, and Toronto.


Historically it hasn’t been easy to redeem miles on them, given that they don’t have many frequent flyer partnerships. One exciting development is that they have a new partnership with Alaska Mileage Plan, offering reciprocal mileage earning on both airlines. However, redeeming Alaska miles on Hainan will only be possible as of November 2015.

Anyway, Hainan is celebrating five years of service between Toronto and Beijing, and to celebrate they have special fares between the cities. Through this fare sale, you can fly roundtrip between Toronto and Beijing for:

  • 555CAD (~420USD) in economy class
  • 2015CAD (~1520USD) in business class


The fare sale is valid for bookings made through 9AM Toronto time on September 23, 2015, and has quite some limitations in terms of when you can travel. To take part in this promotion, outbound travel is required between November 22 and December 2, 2015. Then you can return on the following dates:


Admittedly that’s a very limited range of dates, though at least availability is generally quite good on this fare:


And this is indeed “legit” pricing — the 2015CAD pricing is “all-in” for the roundtrip.


You can credit these flights to Alaska Mileage Plan, which is probably your best bet, given how valuable those miles are.

Hainan has quite a nice fully flat business class hard product on their 787, though it’s hardly cutting edge.

Hainan Airlines 787 business class

Hainan Airlines 787 business class

Bottom line

I wish I could take advantage of this fare, though unfortunately I’ll be traveling over the eligible flight dates already. And after going to Beijing three times in May, I’m not really dying to return immediately, especially in winter. 😉


That being said, once the reciprocal mileage redemption agreement is live between Alaska and Hainan, you can bet I’ll be redeeming some Mileage Plan miles on them.

Still, if you’ve wanted to try Hainan and can make the dates work, this is a fare that’s tough to beat.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of Hainan’s five year Toronto anniversary sale?

  1. I was op-upped to biz on a Hianan air flight Beijing-Seattle.

    While I was thrilled to not be in economy, on their A330, the seats are angle flat, and there are better ways to fly between China.

  2. Hainan is awful – especially in economy. On a recent flight, we received the rude service and awful food that is usually expected from all Chinese airlines. But just to top things up, we were told to return to our seats after using the bathroom. The seatbelt sign was not up – they just didn’t want us hovering outside the galley.

  3. @Colin – Seems like returning to your seat and not hovering around the galley is standard procedure for any airline. So you were reminded to follow procedure. Unless the crew was overtly rude, I don’t see any issue unless you are one of those passengers who routinely hovers around galleys and toilets.

  4. Hainan has been trying to join OneWorld, but not successful. Cathay does not want a competitor in OW. Air China, the major share holder of Cathay, does not want to see Hainan growing in mainland China as well.

    Hainan’s network in mainland China is quite expansive and can help OW to extend their routes into major and middle Chinese cities.

  5. Hello,

    Is there any way to enter Alaska Milage account number while purchasing the Hainan Airlines ticket or prior to the flight? I don’t want to wait 14 days after the flight and submit a missing credit form.


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