Fly From Asia To The US In Business Class For ~$1,300 Roundtrip

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Qatar Airways consistently publishes excellent premium fares, especially if you’re traveling out of select markets, like Cairo, Casablanca, Colombo, etc. While fares are typically fantastic to begin with, at the moment they’re offering a Ramadan fare sale.


While there are lots of great fares to be had, the best business class deal I see is between Colombo and Boston. The fare is valid for bookings by June 10, and for travel through December 15, 2016. You also have to travel as a party of two to get the best possible price.


As usual with these fare sales, seats are limited and some blackout dates apply.

So, how good is the Colombo to Boston business class fare? The total for two passengers is $2,646, or ~$1,323 per person. That’s incredible.


This trip covers a distance of ~19,000 miles roundtrip, and if you credit to American AAdvantage you’d earn a 50% bonus on elite qualifying miles.


Perhaps best of all, the flights between Boston and Doha are operated by the Qatar Airways A350, which features Qatar’s fantastic reverse herringbone business class product. All around I think Qatar has among the best business class products in the world, between the seat, availability of wifi, on demand dining menu, excellent food & drink selection, etc.


It goes without saying that this type of ticket won’t be practical for everyone, given that it’s for travel from Asia to the US, and not the other way around. However, this could be practical for someone based in Asia, and also for crazy people based in the US, who don’t mind doing a lot of positioning. If you’re planning two trips to Asia, for example, plan the journey from Colombo to Boston as the return of your first trip, and the journey from Boston to Colombo as the outbound of your second trip.

I’m very tempted by this fare. I’ll probably pass on this one, since I’m requalified for American Executive Platinum for this year. If we see a similar fare next year (which I’m sure we will), maybe I’ll use that as a way of easily requalifying for status.

Hopefully some of you can take advantage of this deal, though!

(Tip of the hat to alpenrock on FlyerTalk)

  1. AA QE earning chart needs to be updated as it now includes the ‘R’ fare in display (starting 1 May)

  2. The fact that you need to do stupid roundabout journeys such as this to obtain status kind of proves that you don’t actually need/deserve it.

  3. @Kyle: What are you talking about? This is just smart routing. If I know I have 2 trips coming up to say Bangkok. Booking something like JFK-DFW/LAX-HKG-BKK as an AA RT booking on my first outbound and CMB-DOH-JFK as my return on a separate QR RT booking. Then on my return to Asia which I planned to do anyway, I would use my QR return ticket to CMB and my AA return ticket to JFK to get home. That’s just smart routing to a savvy traveler, one where I can both use my SWU to upgrade on AA and get a cheap legitimate biz fare on QRs a350. It’s just a matter of lining up the dates. There’s nothing roundabout about it. Stop trying to criticize someone for actually using their brain to get the most value from THEIR money.

  4. Interesting , the prices are sometimes similar on Etihad as well, right now I see $1800 to JFK Roundtrip or $1400 one way in Etihad Business , where the AUH-JFK is flown on the A380.

    Even more interesting is $3500 one way or $5000 ish Roundtrip for an Etihad First class , you get to fly in First Apartment for this. WTF!!!

    Let’s break it down for folks who buy AA miles and redeem for premium travel. AA was selling 265,000 for $4787 earlier. You get to redeem for first apartment with all the hassles of finding availability and then calling AA Australia to book it. You don’t earn miles.

    But with a paid revenue ticket you get to accrue enough miles to redeem in Etihad to redeem on a business class Roundtrip from the US to Brussels via their partner -Brussels Airlines. This is way more awesome.

    Lucky, you got to blog on this. This is Amazing!!!

  5. @Ben– wow, thanks so much for this information! I currently live in Bangalore, India (BLR) but my hometown is Boston– Colombo is an 1hr20min nonstop flight (~$200) from Bangalore. As a result of your post, my wife and I are now discussing an unplanned trip home to Boston now for $1500 each RT– the best business class fare I’ve ever gotten on Qatar from BLR-BOS is $2600, and even finding that fare is not common.

  6. @John –
    I also live in India (Hyderabad) and find that the really great fares to the US show up in January/February. We’ve found HYD-IAD return business on Etihad for ~$2000 before.

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