Cathay Pacific Will Fly The A350 To Tel Aviv

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Cathay Pacific has just announced that they’ll launch 4x weekly flights between Hong Kong and Tel Aviv as of March 26, 2017.

Dome of Rock

The flight will operate on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with the following schedule:

CX675 Hong Kong to Tel Aviv departing 1:00AM arriving 7:40AM
CX674 Tel Aviv to Hong Kong departing 1:50PM arriving 5:10AM (+1 day)

Perhaps best of all, the flight will be operated by Cathay Pacific’s new Airbus A350 aircraft, featuring 280 seats, including 38 business class seats and 28 premium economy seats. What I’m most excited about with the A350 is that it features wifi, which Cathay Pacific’s 777 fleet doesn’t have as of now.


The flight will cover a distance of ~4,800 miles in each direction, and is blocked at 11hr40min westbound and 10hr20min eastbound.


While the flight is already bookable, as of the time of this post there doesn’t seem to be any award availability. If history is any indicator, I suspect we’ll see an average of between two and four business class award seats per flight shortly.

This is a great new route for redeeming miles, regardless of whether you’re based in Israel or Asia. For example:

  • You can redeem 30,000 Alaska Mileage Plan miles for a one-way business class ticket between Tel Aviv and Hong Kong (connecting beyond Hong Kong will cost extra)
  • You can redeem 40,000 American AAdvantage miles for a one-way business class ticket between Tel Aviv and most of Asia (you can connect beyond Hong Kong on the same award if booking through American)

But this route can even be useful for those looking to travel between the US and Israel, assuming you’re willing to go the very long way. Alaska Mileage Plan lets you route from the US to Middle East on Cathay Pacific for 62,500 miles in business class or 70,000 miles in first class. You’re even allowed a stopover on a one-way award, so you could fly from New York to Hong Kong, have a stopover, and then continue from Hong Kong to Tel Aviv. That’s an incredible deal.


Anyone excited about Cathay Pacific’s new route between Hong Kong and Tel Aviv?

  1. Ouch! Just when SQ was planning to do it, but had issues with Malaysia not letting them fly to Israel.

  2. Lucky, I believe it’s Jerusalem at that first image, and not Tel Aviv. The shiny golden dome is the Dome of the Rock, at the Haram, in Jerusalem’s Old Town.

  3. I don’t think the GCMAP is actually showing the route, so the route will actually be a little longer flying a little north…
    Love your view about Alaska I didn’t know it was possible, it’s probably possible with RJ as well, 70000 in first class (Even though to TLV-HKG will be in Business) is great, Too bad we don’t have CC options to transfer from for Alaska, Might just start buying miles as I do this route quite often TLV-HKG-US-TLV…

  4. If there is good award space or a low fair then you should definitely take this as it would be great to see reviews of the Cathay A350 and also of Ben Gurion Airport and Israeli hotels.

  5. Assume it will follow a route similar to Korean’s flight, up into Turkmenistan to avoid Iran, over into Turkey and then down over the Mediterranean.

  6. Lucky – you should definitely try this flight assuming you can find award availability on dates that work for you, both to test out the Cathay A350 and to visit Israel. And maybe even try out El Al on the way back!

  7. My partner is holding Malaysian passport so she cannot go to Israel. But can we do HKG-TLV-AMM, transiting in Tel Aviv Airport?

  8. @Adam Smith Malaysians can definitely visit Israel, they just wouldn’t stamp her passport. I can say that with all certainty

  9. @Francisco Luz Yes, that is Jerusalem, but Jerusalem has no major airport. I don’t expect him to show a picture of South San Francisco when talking about flights to SFO. (BTW, TLV airport isn’t actually in Tel Aviv, either, but rather between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem).

    @Adam Smith that just might make you the first person in history to transit in TLV =P

    (An exaggeration, although I’ve never once seen anyone walking towards international connections–sorry I am not sure if you have to clear immigration but if memory serves, you do).

    However, according to the Internets, Israel does not ban Malaysians, but they do require a visa. Her problem might be with the Malaysian government on her return, however.

  10. Israel doesn’t stamp passports anymore, they give you a stamped card in your passport, like Singapore now does. For Malay passports, like i have done with Indonesian passports in the past, you get your visa on a piece of paper fm the Israeli consulate in Singapore or Bangkok, and they won’t stamp your passport. You won’t have any issues w the Israelis.

  11. Is the flight heading north, then curve south over Turkey? Or is it going to head south, then go up the Red Sea, cross Sinai Peninsula?

    Shocked that SQ is not allowed to overfly Malaysian airspace then fly to TLV. They might begin south and bypass Malay airspace though.

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    SHALOM, Mordechai.


  13. I have seen seats showing available on and asiamiles,com . American phone agents could also see those seats, but ba isn’t showing them. didn’t get around to calling Alaska.

  14. “Wide open”? AA agents couldn’t spot one single flight with more that 2 seats, either in coach or biz…

  15. Need info on flying to Tel Aviiv. Want to use my Alaska Air miles, ticket for 2. Bus class. Want to fly from SFO during the fall of 2916″ pls comment.

  16. Interesting find. There is 1 seat available now on the HKG-TLV segment in C (confirmed on BA and with AA on the phone). CX675. But the date is Sept 1, 2017. This is a Friday. Doesn’t seem to jive with the Tuesday, Thurs, Sat, Sun schedule. CX is also selling the seat on their website for the same day.

    Any thoughts on why this might be happening?? Thx

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