OMG: There Was A Valentine’s Day Flash Mob At My Gate!!!

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I’ve shared several videos of airport and airplane flash mobs over the years, though never in a million years did I think I’d witness one in person at an airport. Well, I guess if you fly enough…

I flew Cathay Pacific today from Bali to Hong Kong, and sensed something was a bit unusual. At check-in there were a bunch of heart shaped balloons, which didn’t seem too unusual for Valentine’s Day. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

Then I got to the gate a few minutes before boarding, and saw more heart shaped balloons. I also saw some photographers.


Like I said, I’ve seen a lot of flash mob videos, but could there really be a flash mob at a gate for a flight I was on?!?!


Moments later it began. Okay, maybe it wasn’t the insane, over the top Cathay Pacific flash mob from a few years back in Hong Kong…

But it was still pretty damn cool. Here’s a video of the flash mob:

Then they also sang at the start of the jet bridge as passengers boarded, and handed out heart shaped Bali magnets to everyone. Here’s a video of that:

I was thinking there may be something else planned onboard, though that wasn’t the case. Actually, much to my surprise, the cabin crew had no clue that there had even been a flash mob. When I boarded I said “is there more to this surprise?” They looked at me with a confused look, understandably.

Then I explained there had been a flash mob at the gate. Again, they looked at me like I had two heads. Only after I showed them the video did they get what I was talking about.

How cool is that?!?

  1. I think they do singing and stuff pretty often at DPS, actually. Two other times I flew from DPS to HKG I’ve seen singing and dancing at the gate, and even onto the jetbridge, by the crew. I was led to believe that this happens a little more often than not.

  2. Not sure this is really a flash mob?? It’s kind of missing the two key elements:

    flash – surprise, out of nowhere gathering of folks who then suddenly disperse

    mob – lots of people

    Still fun, but perhaps this is more of a gate presentation/dance for Valentine’s Day.

  3. Guys, try to have some fun. Life is not about sitting in your rocker, wrapping yourself up in your granny’s old quilt, sipping your Metamucil, and rolling your eyes at Lucky’s post.

    Traveling can be monotonous, even when flying in premium cabins. I applaud Cathay Pacific for adding a splash of whimsy!

  4. It’s a bit goofy, but I agree with ‘Imperator’. Flying – and especially hanging around an airport – is boring for most people. Good for Cathay Pacific for making an effort to amuse and entertain their customers. (Plus, I’m guessing the mostly young employees get a kick out of it.)

  5. Nice dancing, but this is definitely NOT a flash mob. Looks like they had fun though, and that’s what counts.

  6. I think the DPS ground staff organised it themselves.
    Chances are “flying pig” Ivan Chu did not know about it, because if he does he is going to terminate it for cost cutting reasons!

  7. I mean i agree with some others. Its hardly a flash mob…. its just 5 people doing a dance to entertain guests.

  8. I will note that the CX’s DPS ground staff who organized and performed this stunt were mostly of local Indonesian descent and not Chinese, despite CX being a “Chinese” company. This is hardly surprising given that Indonesians are much more relaxed and easy going than their anally retentive Chinese counterparts.

  9. I’m not sure what number makes it a mob rather than just a group of people dancing, but I like it! Especially at a boring airport like DPS.

  10. I agree that this is a nice gesture to entertain the passengers. Sure it’s amateur level stuff, but it’s just good clean fun. Smiles and light hearted laughter is always good for the soul.
    Thanks for posting!
    By the way, when can we expect to read about your Bali trip?

  11. That was nice of them to sing to the passengers. Did you recognize the song they were singing?
    They were singing La Bamba – Did not expect that in Bali.

  12. The 2013 show bordered on a commercial production. The 5-gal troupe was a bit more pedestrian, but still in good spirit/fun. It’s meaningful to me when employees are willing to take time to do something “above and beyond” that they’re not otherwise required to do. When was the last time (unionized) U.S. airline employees went the extra mile to organize and put on a coordinated show to entertain passengers at a hub/terminal?

  13. DPS seems active in planning such things.

    On New Years they had a big “Last traveller of the year” prize thingie at the gate of the last flight of the year. I think its fun, and branding-wise, I think it could be consistent with a leisure destination such as Bali,

  14. If someone talked to me about a ‘flash mob’ i’d also have no idea what you’re going on about…The same as when you asked an FA for ‘beets’.

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