Cathay Pacific Increases Their Checked Baggage Allowance

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Despite low oil prices and airlines generally being profitable, we’re still seeing some airlines tweaking their baggage policy in a negative way. For example, just recently American added more checked bag fees on flights to Latin America, including seasonal “surge pricing” to select destinations. I guess this doesn’t come as a surprise, since airfare & fee structures are based on what consumers are willing to pay, rather than the cost to airlines of providing those services.

However, it has been a while since I remember an airline making a positive change to their baggage allowance.

Well, Cathay Pacific is increasing their checked baggage allowance on most routes by 10kg per passenger for all four cabins for tickets issued as of September 15, 2016.


Here are the old checked bag limits:


Meanwhile here are the checked bag limits for tickets issued as of September 15, 2016:


Under the new regulations, the baggage allowance on most routes will be as follows:

  • Economy passengers can check a total of 30kg/66lbs
  • Premium economy passengers can check a total of 35kg/77lbs
  • Business passengers can check a total of 40kg/88lbs
  • First passengers can check a total of 50kg/110lbs

The allowances are still different on some other routes, including to the Americas and Auckland. For flights to the Americas, the baggage allowance is based on a piece concept rather than a cumulative weight concept, as follows:


In fairness, Cathay Pacific had especially low baggage allowances, among the lowest out there among Asian carriers. So they’re catching up with the competition more than anything here. Still, I think they should be commended for that.

So kudos to Cathay Pacific for making this positive change. While I’m usually a fan of airlines giving advance notice of changes, in this instance they’re only increasing the allowance starting for tickets booked about a month from now. That seems like a lot of advance notice to give of a positive change!

  1. I love baggage allowances to and from Brazil. No matter what airline you travel or what class you travel it is always free 2 bags of 32kg/70lbs per passenger (3 if you fly business class).

  2. The thing is, in the past there was no regulations about how many pieces of baggages are checked as long as it’s not exceeding the total weight. After this change passengers can only check 2-3 pieces.

  3. @Lucky (or anyone else at OMAAT)–what is your trick to going carry on only. Cathay only allows one real carry on in business class with a maximum weight of 22 lbs. Including the weight of the bag, that is not a lot. I had thought they never bothered business class but we were weighed in Newark enroute to HKG earlier this year. Flying again from Newark to HKG later this month in Business and wondering how you do it.

  4. Great news from one of the best airlines in the world!
    Never mind the advance notice period. CX’s been always extremely generous in regards to excess luggage. I never had an issue with them.

  5. They did… So is it when the ticket is bought or when the flight occurs? Seems to be conflicting info regarding thiis.

  6. @DSK — Mobile check-in, mainly. I’ve never had issues at the gate, only at the counter, and then only rarely.

  7. The rule in our family is one standard suitcase suitable for carry on and one backpack.
    It’s not that hard, we’ve done Europe and Asia that way. I never understand what people have in some of those massive suitcases they check.

  8. Although they increased the weight limit they put a two-piece restriction on (for non gold/diamond Marco Polo members and First Class) which they never had before. Unless you are packing bowling balls, this is a fairly neutral change – even negative.

  9. Cathay is in big trouble on the business front. Their profit is down 82% for this past half year. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some new strategies in the near future.

  10. Seems very hard on passengers who have already bought tickets (premium economy in our case) will probably be checking in alongside other passengers who have a higher allowance.

  11. I travelled first class from London to Hong Kong ,and being disabled had to bring a light weight trolley to enable me to walk the staff at Heath Row Cathay Pacific were unhelpful and rude and charged me a massive 430 pounds I would not have gone on the plane ,but my daughter was expecting me as we had a wedding to attend .

  12. Baggage allowances are quite confusing in terms of weight and dimensions on different sites….Like my agent says i can carry two check_in bags each weighing 23 kg.However it is 30 kg mentioned on different sites per passenger.Hope Cathay would simplify the matter. Opinions from frequently traveling passengers​ would be a great help for first_ timers and are welcome.

  13. please, I am confused on the luggage weight. We will depart in Chicago going to Philippines by economy class. My husband and I plus one 4 years old kid. We are told by phone that we can check in 2 pieces luggage for each weighting 23 kls but other site or on their sites it says 30 kilos for each or two total luggage? confused. any help?

  14. I am travelling from Australia ( Sydney) on 18th Sept 2017 to Chicago with a Hong Kong stop over. I am in economy. I believe the baggage limit is now 30kg. for 2 pieces luggage. So does this include carry on luggage.

  15. I will fly Cathay Pacific next month in economy . How many check-in bags can I have and how much weight for each ? If I have an excess bag how much do I have to pay ? I will depart from LAX to DAD .

  16. I am leaving for the Philippines next month and would like to know what are the weight limits on per check in baggage, and what type of batteries that are allowed to be checked in with check in baggage.

  17. Economy 2 luggages allow? how much weight allow per luggage? how many carry on and weight allow?

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