AMAZING DEAL: $675 Transpacific Cathay Pacific Business Class Tickets

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Update: Unfortunately this fare is now dead. Now we’ll have to wait and see if they honor.

Hurry, this deal most definitely won’t last.

At the moment Cathay Pacific has insanely low business class fares from Vietnam to North America. There’s availability through the end of the schedule, and there’s no minimum stay requirement for these fares.

The absolute best fare seems to be from Da Nang, Vietnam, to most Cathay Pacific North American gateways, as you can book that for just $675 roundtrip.

However, there are plenty of other exceptional business class fares, including from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. For example, you can fly roundtrip business class from Hanoi to New York for $1,100.

One-way tickets are more expensive than roundtrip tickets here, so if you want to fly one-way you’re best off just booking a roundtrip, and you’ll still come out way ahead.

You can find these fares on ITA Matrix or Google Flights. You can then book through Expedia or another online travel agency, or through Cathay Pacific’s website, as the fare shows just about everywhere.

These tickets book into the “D” fare class, so you can see here on about how many miles you’d earn if crediting to various programs.

This is a great way to earn miles with Alaska Mileage Plan, American AAdvantage, etc. For example, if crediting to Alaska Mileage Plan you’d earn 125% elite qualifying miles and 225% redeemable miles, plus any elite bonuses (of up to 125%). Though do note that you can’t credit Cathay Dragon segments to Mileage Plan, if that’s a consideration.

These fares won’t last, so I’d recommend booking ASAP if interested. Lastly, I’d note that it remains to be seen whether or not Cathay Pacific will honor these fares, so I personally wouldn’t recommend making any other non-refundable plans around these tickets for at least a few days.

But it is New Year’s Eve, so maybe this is a sale? 😉

  1. I cant find availability in F for less than 5000$, can anyone share dates and routings where you found it for “100$ more” or “around 1200€?” Thanks

  2. Where are you guys seeing this at? Ive been to both sites and haven’t seen anything even close to that!

  3. Got a few of these… it seems it is being removed now slowly.

    There are still remnants of it and F is approx 100-200 USD on top.

  4. Could not find the fare this cheap into San Francisco, but did score a round-trip DAD – SFO for $1,096 with the outbound in First Class and the return in Business Class. That is absurdly low for a Transpacific leg in First Class. Sure hope they honor these fares!!

  5. Just booked to HAN-YVR next Sept in First for $1400 AUD!! ($988 USD). I’ll believe it when I see it, every other fare was 10k plus!!!

  6. Got to payment for two business DAD-JFK tickets on Expedia and got a your flight was sold out message. Flights still showing on Expedia and $695 R/T but when you try to book you get an error message. I’ve tried multiple routings on the CX website and keep getting System Maintenance page.

    I need to book two tickets DAD to any gateway US city departing Friday, 12 July 2019. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. I’ve got confirmation it booked, but when I try to lookup to assign seats, says no booking by that number. Anyone else able to login on CX Site?

  8. Just booed on expedia HAN-SFO biz for $1200 RT booking in C class. Fingers crossed!!

    Seemed pretty wide open when I booked

  9. Was able to book F for U$825 DAN-YVR-JFK rtn for the fall at 6:42p ET on the CX web site. Vietnam on my 2019 agenda.

  10. Just enjoyed Hong Kong Airlines ridiculously cheap business class fare to Bali. Wish I could jump on this, but it seems only to be on flights originating from Vietnam, not the reverse. Any ideas why it’s not valid in both directions, it seems to be across a wide range of dates?

  11. I def would have booked if the other way around I however just booked flights RT Sea to Phuket on Singapore airlines at a really great price. Not sure if CP will honor these rates. Just checked and they are still available to YVR from DAN.

  12. still available, I see several first class, but I am not booking, if it was the other way I would,learned my lesson not to book tickets i do not need.

  13. Deal is mostly dead with random dates and IBEs/OTAs accepting the old price. Congratulations to those who were able to book.

  14. Booked 2x HAN-YVR RT in A for $988 pp directly on the Cathay Pacific website: departing early April, returning mid September. (I got an “unexpected website error” after trying to book the first and second times, but it went through the third time after tweaking travel dates.) Looks to still be alive, just few dates left.

  15. I still see it on Google flights for JFK but when I click through to Cathay it says not available so not sure if it’s still on.

  16. Just FYI, people that are saying it’s dead are completely wrong. You may have to wrangle with the CX website a few times to get it to work, but it WILL work. Pro tip: Find two dates that have availability in business, then go back to the home page and search those dates with the “flexible dates” option checked. You will then be presented with a screen that also shows first class options for just about $75 more. Searching only for first will take a long time and you may miss out because you took too long to search.

  17. It looks like CX has now pulled ALL inventory in F and J. Pretty drastic way to stop the bleeding, but they did it. Hope that the confirmed/ticketed ones stick for the long haul.

  18. I just booked 3 x J fares HAN/YVR in August/September. I tried a few times, after submitting the passenger details it said ‘error – forbidden’. I tried again, moving the flights by 1 day and it was successful. E-Ticket was sent immediately. hope it sticks.

  19. I ran into multiple issues while trying to book directly on CX site. On top of it my CSR wouldn’t go through. Had to call Chase while trying to keep ticketing session alive. Hopefully they do honor these tickets

  20. Talking generally , we all know that Cathay Pacific is making losses and needs to get bums on seats . I have been travelling BKK- HKG regularly for 40 years and just noticed yesterday that CX is only USD 8- more in economy (one way ) than the basic Air Asia fare in April 2019. After paying for luggage on Air Asia ( Low cost airline ) they will be more expensive .

    CX used to be much more expensive than Air Asia . Seems like a strategy to fill seats early.

  21. I just love the so-called experts saying it would not be honored . . .. .
    Champagne and caviar, here I come!!!

  22. How does one get to know about important big airfare discounts as soon as they come out? Is there a way to subscribe?

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