Bye bye bumps, hello good fares

As far as mileage runs go, I both love and hate summer. This summer was especially brutal in terms of fares. I guess the capacity cuts actually worked for the airlines. So while I was paying more for my travels, all my flights were also packed. In the last three weeks alone I’ve scored about six bumps, resulting in $2,400 in vouchers. But that’s only luck of the draw, and that seems to happen every year towards the beginning of August, as just about everyone in the world is on vacation.

That season is slowly coming to an end for the year, fortunately and unfortunately. Flights won’t be quite as full, or at least not as consistently oversold, but at the same time, fares are way down. Just as an example, I’m seeing mileage runs available from Tampa to San Francisco for this coming weekend for $214 roundtrip plus tax.

Unfortunately mileage running on United just won’t be the same as in the past, thanks to United’s change in routing rules this past June. Nonetheless I’ll be taking to the skies while I still can. I’d like to get Million Miler status in the bag as soon as possible with United, while I can still hope to achieve Premier Executive status for life. Let’s hope the merger doesn’t screw that up!

So if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines all summer asking yourself where the good fares are, this would be a good time to start the mileage run search again.

Happy flying!

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  1. I totally agree. Hopefully we’ll see a good drop in fares in the next week or so for travel after 9/8. I’ve got ecerts ready to burn!

  2. +1. I’ve been burning domestic awards since May. Airfare has been through the roof and 25k has been a reasonable redemption rate for many destinations this Summer.

  3. I burned 25,000 UA miles for a JFK/SFO trip around the holidays since fares were $550 – $650.
    Could have spent 50k on AA to sit in business on the same route (saver award). Go figure.

  4. Back of the envelope calcluation: 1MM at 500 MPH on average (overestimate given takeoff/landing) = 2000 hours of flying time = at least 83 days of being airborne. And you’re 21, lucky?

  5. @ AJ — Hehe, I wish it were only 2,000 hours!!! That surely doesn’t account for the time I spent four hours on a CRJ on the ground, does it? 😉

    Between airport time and everything I don’t even want to think how much time I’ve dedicated to this hobby.

    If all goes well, I’ll be million miler before I turn 22.

  6. LUCKY,
    you look younger than 21. So you will be the 1st youngest person to reach MM status and your next goal to be the 8th person that will reach 10MM. Remember there’s more people that walk on the moon…..


  7. Yeah, I uh, didn’t take advantage of this fare for next weekend a couple hours ago or anything 😉

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