Buying a 60 day membership to a NWA club…

My friend David emailed me yesterday about this, and while I knew about the program NWA has for this, I figured it was worth mentioning. Unfortunately it’s of no use to me since one must be 21 to join, but I figure that most of the people reading this blog are over 21:

Being an IAD terminal B fan, I decided to give the NWA WorldClub in Terminal B a try and bought a 60 day temp membership for $85. I was struck by how nice the lounge reps were. They welcomed me in, and asked me to go sit down and maybe get a drink while they processed my payment. They said they would find me later and bring my membership card. I noticed that two groups of people checked in while I was purchasing the membership and all held United tickets. It seems I was not the only RCC refugee in search of something better. It was REALLY nice not to have to fight over drink chits. Instead, they invited me nicely to help myself to the open bar. Soon after, they invited those in the lounge flying to AMS to enjoy special boarding for this flight directly from the lounge. The Food selection was pretty nice too with brownies, a good snack mix, fresh fruit, chocolate chip cookies, etc. It was just a much more pleasant experience by far than the RCC.

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