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The Finnair Plus program has just launched its latest promotion on purchased points. While Finnair sells points with some frequency, this is by far the best-ever offer we’ve seen, and it’s even an interesting opportunity to purchase top tier oneworld Emerald status, if you’re so inclined.

Buy Finnair Plus points with 100% bonus

Finnair Plus is offering a promotion when you buy points by Monday, November 16, 2020. Finnair Plus is offering a bonus on purchased points, with the bonus tiered based on how many you buy, as follows:

  • Buy 5,000-49,000 points, get a 60% bonus
  • Buy 50,000-99,000 points, get an 80% bonus
  • Buy 100,000-150,000 points, get a 100% bonus

Ordinarily Finnair charges as little as 1.2875 cents (in EUR) per purchased point. Through this promotion you could purchase a total of 300,000 points at a cost of 1,931.25 EUR (~2,260 USD), which is a rate of 0.75 cents (in USD) per point.

There are a couple of important terms to be aware of:

Finnair is selling points with up to a 100% bonus

Bonus: get 25% bonus Finnair Plus tier points

Not only is Finnair Plus offering a 100% bonus on purchased points, but you also earn tier points equivalent to 25% of the total transaction amount. That means if you purchased 300,000 points, you’d receive a total of 75,000 tier points.

For context:

  • Finnair Silver (oneworld Ruby) requires 30,000 tier points
  • Finnair Gold (oneworld Sapphire) requires 80,000 tier points
  • Finnair Platinum (oneworld Emerald) requires 150,000 tier points

In other words, if you purchased 300,000 miles you’d get 75,000 tier points, which earns you Silver status, and gets you just short of Gold status. Keep in mind you could earn the remaining tier points on any oneworld airline, so even a domestic American Airlines flight could qualify towards Finnair status. Or there’s another way to earn more tier points…

Access Admirals Clubs with oneworld Sapphire status

Award points can be converted into tier points

Want to earn even higher status? Finnair lets you convert award points into tier points at a 3:1 ratio. This means that if you purchased a total of 300,000 miles for 2,260 USD:

  • You’d earn 300,000 award points and 75,000 tier points
  • If you wanted, you could convert 225,000 award points into tier points, which would get you 150,000 tier points
  • That’s enough for oneworld Emerald status, and you’d still have 75,000 miles left over; oneworld Emerald status would get you access to oneworld first class lounges, not that many of them are open nowadays

Get first class lounge access with oneworld Emerald (though most lounges are closed)

Is buying Finnair Plus points worth it?

Let’s take the status offering out of the equation for a moment. Buying points for ~0.75 cents each is an incredibly low price, and you don’t see any other airline programs sell points at that cost.

That being said, Finnair Plus is definitely more of a niche program, so while there are situations where you can get good value, that’s not the case across the board.

Finnair Plus points can be used for upgrades from economy to business class, which is arguably one of the better uses of the points, given the limited fare class restrictions. The cost of upgrades ranges from 7,500 points to 50,000 points one-way, depending on how far you’re flying.

If you’re in a situation where you have a paid economy ticket on Finnair, buying points in order to upgrade could be an exceptional value.

Upgrade Finnair flights starting at 7,500 points

If you want to outright redeem for an award ticket on Finnair, the Finnair Plus program has some steep award pricing. For example, a one-way long haul business class award costs 97,000 points.

That’s not terrible, but also not great. Then again, if you’re acquiring points as inexpensively as here, it’s actually pretty decent.

Redeem points for Finnair’s A350 business class

You can also redeem for partner airline flights, including on other oneworld airlines, though in general that’s not going to be a great value. Finnair has different award charts for different partners.

Just to give some examples, here’s the one-way award chart for travel on American Airlines:

Then here’s the one-way award chart for travel on Cathay Pacific:

If you ask me, there’s not a whole lot to get excited about here for partner award redemptions. 27,000 points for a domestic one-way economy award on American, or 180,000 points for a US to Asia one-way first class award on Cathay Pacific, aren’t exactly great deals.

In many cases you’d be better off buying miles through Alaska Mileage Plan or American AAdvantage at a discount.

Finnair Plus partner redemptions aren’t a great deal

Bottom line

Finnair Plus is not only offering a bonus on purchased points, but is also offering points towards status as part of the bundle.

Buying 300,000 points would get you very close to oneworld Sapphire status. You could redeem just 15,000 of those award points for tier points, and then you’d have Sapphire status.

There’s potentially even a pathway to oneworld Emerald status here, by using the 3:1 conversion opportunity.

Under normal circumstances I’d say this promotion is an incredible opportunity, though with travel restrictions and lounges closed, it’s hard to be quite as excited about this. There’s probably not much opportunity cost to Finnair giving away status like this for the next year.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of this promo on Finnair Plus points?

  1. I’ve flown the reindeer route from MCR to BNE previously and it was great. However with AU restrictions then it depends on how long the points are valid for ?

  2. I always forget having status with British Airways or other non AA oneoworld partners gets you access to the flagship AA lounges when flying AA domestically even with flying coach. Could you do a write-up Lucky on the best ways to get this. Seems like Finnair is essentially letting you buy AA flagship access here. Could make sense for a lot of AA domestic travelers in cities like DFW where the flagship lounge is better than the crowded centurion lounge.

  3. If OW status is earned now, when would it expire? Has Finnair announced any extension? If it expires early 2022 then hardly worth buying status for the 2021 travel year that might be almost all domestic travel.

  4. That’s kind of interesting. Seems a cheap way to just become Emerald. But WR2’s question is most important.
    I have a lot of miles to cover next year given this year’s restrictions, it might be a worthwhile investment.

  5. Could make sense for a lot of AA domestic travelers in cities like DFW where the flagship lounge is better than the crowded centurion lounge.

    Yeah, go spend around $2300 USD, so you can go to a lounge that’s indefinitely closed, at a time where COVID-19 is spiking all over Europe, Canada and the United States, with enough miles left over to do a one way in coach to Europe once it opens to US tourism.

  6. Looks like there are restrictions for how many tier points you can buy:

    “You can exchange points in batches of 5,000 tier points, but can acquire no more than half the tier points you need to maintain or advance your tier membership. For example, you need 30,000 tier points to be a Finnair Plus Silver member and you can acquire a maximum of 15,000 of these tier points by points exchange.”

    If this applies to this promotion you couldn’t convert to Emerald status.

  7. Niklas, not quite true –

    If you max out and buy 300k points, you get 75000 points which is exactly half the amount needed for top tier. Then you acquire the other half through points conversion.

  8. With AY Platinum(OWE) status also upgrade vouchers will be given, one long haul and four short haul(Europe, Dubai,Tel-Aviv). Short-haul can be converted to long-haul and vise versa, ratio is 4 sh to 1 lh.

  9. Sorry, two long haul upgrade vouchers will be given to AY Platinum. Also AY Platinum can gift a Gold(OWS) card to any person. With AY Gold status that person also receives 4 short haul upgrade vouchers.

  10. IMHO this is quite good oppotunity to obtain OWE, especially for ppl without time to fly, like me.

    Accoding to AY website OWE will lasts for two years (maximum), which makes me be in.

  11. Simply doesn’t work that way. If you’re a basic member, you can get up to Silver, then buy your way to Gold. But at Gold you can only buy up to half of the requirement using 3:1 points transfer, so you will only be halfway from Gold -> Platinum.

    You can’t just directly buy up from Silver to Platinum and count having half of the required TP that way…

  12. I just want to get Sapphire status… How much will this cost to get me the 80,000 status point needed and how many regular points will I have left to travel with???

  13. Last question… When you get Finnair Sapphire, do you get on Sapphire membership to gift like some other programs do??? Does anyone know???

  14. Would this mean I would earn Silver status for Euro 862.63 (67,000 + 53,600 = 120,600) equivalent to 0.25% Tier points = 30,150.

    Can anybody confirm? Thanks in advance.

  15. @ Alan Bachand

    In short sapphire is access to all business class lounges whereas emerald is to first, so it depends where you are regularly flying into, out of. E.G If its SYD or HKG then definitely OWE is worth it as QF CX have some amazing F lounges otherwise and if you only want business class lounge access, and still have priority check in and boarding then just go OWS.

    And with Finnair sapphire I am pretty sure you don’t a get a gift status I don’t know of any airlines that do provide this…

  16. Could be interesting for someone in Australia.

    AU$3497 would net oneworld Saphire Status + 4 domestic return trip award tickets on Qantas business class. Working out at AU$874 per round trip in Business (that includes the taxes for nonstop flights) it’s not bad value but one does have to question how financially secure Finnair is right now to be offering deals like this.

  17. Living in the UK and having Finnish family has made Finnair often my airline of choice, especially after BA (permanently?) cancelled its flight from Heathrow to Helsinki back in March. I went for 90k points because one way flights between the UK and upgrades (when they bring the A330/350s back) can represent great value for the points.

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