3 Hours Only: Buy A Fairmont Gift Card With A 20% Bonus

As I first wrote about a few days agoFairmont is offering a 20% bonus on gift card purchases for a period of three hours today. This promotion just kicked off, and is valid from 2PM until 5PM EDT today.

Each person can only take advantage of the promotion once, though you can purchase up to $5,000 worth of electronic gift cards under the offer, which would lead to a $1,000 bonus. Each gift card can be worth at most $2,000, so you’d want to load your shopping cart with a few gift cards if you wanted to maximize the offer (for example, two $2,000 cards and one $1,000 card).

You can choose whether you want to buy gift cards in USD or CAD. While you can use the gift cards in currencies other than the ones they’re issued in, the conversion rates used for those purposes may be unfavorable. This only applies to electronic gift cards, and not to plastic gift cards.

The gift cards don’t expire, and you don’t have to stay at a Fairmont hotel to use a gift card — they’re also valid for restaurant and spa purchases.

Fairmont has some fantastic hotels, so if you’re interested you have a few hours to buy gift cards with a 20% bonus. Fairmont historically offers a similar promotion a couple of times per year, though the last couple of times they offered a 15% bonus, so this is the best offer we’ve seen in over a year.

Fairmont Banff Springs

Do you plan on buying Fairmont gift cards with a 20% bonus?


  1. I’m definitely buying. My wife and I love staying at the Plaza even though we live in Manhattan (nothing wrong with a staycation!). So this will be a nice little (but not cheap) surprise for her!

  2. @Conor

    In my experience, gift cards can’t be used with FHR rates since the terms clearly state the entire bill needs to be settled with an American Express Card in the name of whoever made the reservation (not necessarily a Platinum Card, just an Amex).

    That said, I’ve heard stories where people were successful is paying only part of the bill with Amex, but only after some conversations with front office managers. So, while maybe possible, I wouldn’t count on it.

  3. @ Conor — Usable for Virtuoso but not for FHR, because you have to pay with an Amex (at least technically).

  4. @ Tyler, lucky – Oh right, thanks! The Virtuoso rate is actually slightly cheaper anyway. Now the question, do I stick with the Taj Campton Place, or switch to the Fairmont (in San Francisco). Have a couple more hours to decide.


  5. Costco Canada “technically” sells gift cards for Fairmont Hotels at 25% online. They sell gift certificates for life experiences online website at 25%, or $100 certificate for $75 (Life experiences sell misc gift cards and adventures for use in Canada). Once the certificate is issued, which is usually 1-2 business days, you go to their website and buy an $100 Fairmont gift certificate.

    You might be able to sign up for a Costco Canada online account if you live in the US, since it appears it allows you to have an US billing address on their Canadian website.

  6. Forgot to add that through the above way I mentioned the gift certificates purchased via Life Experiences are only good in Canada, so that probably eliminates the majority of people wanting to save an extra 5%.

  7. Taj Campton place is the better hotel, the Fairmont glory days are long past, Campton location is more central and the restaurant / bar are also good.

  8. Hi Lucky – Please let us know when they do the next promo! I have a stay booked at there new resort in the Maldives and would love to buy a few cards.

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