3 Hours Only: Buy A Fairmont Gift Card With A 20% Bonus

As I first wrote about a few days agoFairmont is offering a 20% bonus on gift card purchases for a period of three hours today. This promotion just kicked off, and is valid from 2PM until 5PM EST today.

Each person can only take advantage of the promotion once, though you can purchase up to $5,000 worth of electronic gift cards under the offer, which would lead to a $1,000 bonus. Each gift card can be worth at most $2,000, so you’d want to load your shopping cart with a few gift cards if you wanted to maximize the offer (for example, two $2,000 cards and one $1,000 card).

You can choose whether you want to buy gift cards in USD or CAD. While you can use the gift cards in currencies other than the ones they’re issued in, the conversion rates used for those purposes may be unfavorable. This only applies to electronic gift cards, and not to plastic gift cards.

The gift cards don’t expire, and you don’t have to stay at a Fairmont hotel to use a gift card — they’re also valid for restaurant and spa purchases.

Fairmont has some fantastic hotels, so if you’re interested you have a few hours to buy gift cards with a 20% bonus. Fairmont historically offers a similar promotion a couple of times per year.

Fairmont Banff Springs

Do you plan on buying Fairmont gift cards with a 20% bonus?


  1. Those with experience of staying at Fairmont hotels, are they generally good value compared with other brands of similar class? 20 percent off seams a good deal, but if the brand is often overpriced for what they offer, it may not be so lucrative?

  2. @ Jimmy,

    I was looking for an answer to the same question, found it here:


    “Do Fairmont Gift Card Purchases Earn 3X with the Chase Sapphire Reserve?

    Unfortunately, no–since Fairmont does not process these transactions, you won’t earn any hotel or travel category bonus using the Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Sapphire Preferred, etc. It’s best to simply use whichever credit card you’re working on minimum spend for, or a card with a good earning rate on all purchases, such as the AMEX Blue Business Plus.”

  3. @Mishas I have stayed twice at Fairmonts (Barcelona and Kiev) and while that is a fairly small sample, I had overall a good experience. I spent the weekend in Barcelona and for under 150€ a night it was a fantastic deal (great staff, good facilities and modern rooms). The one in Kiev wasn’t as good in my opinion (rooms weren’t very clean and not well maintained. At 250€ a night it certainly wasn’t worth it. At the same time the staff was nice across the board. I think that one can potentially get a good value from this deal, based on what you can find on some Fairmonts

  4. Why? A dying mid-brand with less than inspiring rooms and service, decrepit large hotels (like Victoria, even after the renovation) and no vision or future. Fairmont had its heyday in the 90’s and has quietly died a slow death to this point. They have maybe 4-5 ok properties. Most are grand old places with rooms that are stale, dusty, outdated, and lost in time.

  5. Gift cards? What’s that? Never heard of it. Sounds like something from last century. Is it only somethimg thats exists in US?

  6. The only use I have for gift cards is when I need to meet the spend minimum for the sign-on bonus on a new card. Ditto for buying miles.

  7. In response to a comment up thread about CSR points, I sent a secure message to Chase explaining that the GC purchase was for hotel expenses. They gladly increased my points on the purchase from 1 to 3 per dollar. I bought $4,500 in gift cards. So they may give you the extra points if you send a secure note.

    I tried to get them to do it by calling in and they said no. So I tried the SM route and it worked. I should add that I charge a lot to my CSR card (>$50K per year) so that may have factored into their willingness to make the adjustment in my case.

    On a separate note, I don’t understand the each customer can only take advantage of this offer once comment. I did it on the last sale (May of 2018). Does this mean I am precluded from doing it again now (or ever again)?

  8. @MikeG,

    I took advantage of the May offer (5K in CAD) and was also able to take advantage of this offer (mixed USD and CAD – 4K).

    Also appreciate the comment about the CSR points. I spend a considerable amount on that card and will SM with a request.

  9. I don’t like the Fairmont brand. I’ve stayed at half a dozen Fairmonts and they ranged from downright bad to mediocre. The service almost never impresses and never lives up to a high quality 5-star brand that they pretend to be. I describe them as the poor man’s four seasons since both brands stem from Canada and while Fairmont advertises itself as a luxury brand it actually is more at the 4.5-star level. The one Fairmont property I truly liked though was Vancouver airport which was a great all-round hotel.

    Nonetheless, I’ve taken advantage of the 20% bonus offer twice as a family member always goes to fairmonts for nearby vacations and I get the e-gift cards as Christmas presents. Usually I buy one for a few hundred dollar value.

    So thanks for the heads up Lucky. I would have missed it otherwise. Fairmont should give you a commission for my sale.

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