Brussels Airlines Schedules Last Avro RJ100 Flight

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Last month Swiss retired their last Avro RJ100 after decades of service. It was a sad moment for us avgeeks, but from a passenger and environmental perspective, it was for the better. The airline replaced their four-engined jets with new Bombardier C-Series aircraft.

Swiss CS100 in Zurich.

This leaves Brussels Airlines, CityJet and BRA as the last remaining operators in Europe. Both CityJet and BRA have plans to replace them soon. The next airline to phase them out completely, though, will be Brussels Airlines. Per @AirlinerouteBrussels Airlines will operate their last Avro RJ100 flight from Brussels to Geneva on October 28, 2017.

As you can see, their Avros have a little over six weeks left to enjoy flying around Europe before they retire. Just a few years ago these aircraft were the backbone of Brussels Airlines’ short-haul fleet, though the A320 family has replaced them. They also operate three wet leased Sukhoi Superjets as of September 2017. Eventually, the Airbus fleet will go to Eurowings, so an all-Airbus fleet makes sense from that standpoint.

Brussels Airlines Avro RJ100.

As someone who grew up in a city that was exclusively served by Avros from Brussels, I can’t say I’m sad to see them go. The cabin is falling apart and the engines are much louder than we’re used to nowadays.

If you want to fly this beauty before it retires, you’ll have to be quick. Now would be a good time to book a ticket on the final flight to Geneva if you’re interested!

  1. I’m sad to see them go. Delightful planes which also have a “cuteness” factor.

    As for noise… well, standards change. When they were launched, they were branded as “whisperjets”, so quiet were they compared to their peers.

  2. Missed out on flying these. Was always interested in them, as, when I was a child, more engines = better plane. I remember I once drew a 20 engine plane for arts class

  3. The joke in the day was “why four engines?” “because six wouldn’t fit.”

    I liked these things when operated by Northwest Airlink. They had the best domestic F cabin in the NW fleet with wider seats and more pitch than the mainlines. Range wasn’t so great, though.

  4. I’ll miss them – I loved flying on the PSA SmileLiner back in the day. Hopefully they’ll emigrate to the States or Canada and live on as fire-fighting planes.

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