British Midland/Virgin Atlantic partnership to end on August 31, 2012

British Midland has long had a partnership with Virgin Atlantic, though that will be coming to an end on August 31, 2012. After that date British Midland miles can no longer be redeemed on Virgin Atlantic, and vice versa. So while you still have a few weeks to make bookings, Virgin Atlantic seems to suggest that for new bookings travel needs to be completed by August 31, 2012, and not just booked by that date.

Redeeming British Midland miles for travel on Virgin Atlantic never presented that great of a value. They have high fuel surcharges┬á and always had a separate award chart which was higher than Star Alliance partners in almost all cases, so I can’t say I was ever all that tempted. Virgin Atlantic terminating their partnership with United was a much bigger loss, in my opinion.

Who would’ve thought British Airways doesn’t want you to be able to redeem their points for travel on Virgin Atlantic, and vice versa? ­čśë

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse London Heathrow

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  1. Lucky,
    This is way off topic, but I had a pleasure of flying with Wong Chin on SQ 62 DME-IAH leg. Didn’t realize until she came by to ask to fill out a survey as we were decending. We ended up chatting a little, and she mentioned a certain passenger she had on SIN-NRT flight and I figured it was you. Anyways, we had a good chat about you (don’t worry nothing bad). Thanks for the heads up on the SQ F award space. It saved me from being on UA BusinessFirst! Oh, and enjoy your DME-SIN flight coming up!

  2. @ hsw25 — So you’re the one she was talking about?! Thanks for fessing up! ­čśÇ

    So, how was she?

  3. I flew ended flying HKG-SIN-DME-IAH all in F. DME-IAH was without a doubt the best out of all of them. The entire crew was personable and very attentive. Interestingly, I flew CX F on the outbound, which I thought was very good. But after flying SQ F, the entire CX experience was a bit dissapointing (I know that sounds a little harsh). Like you said, it’s the little things. Don’t get me wrong, the CX flight was perfectly good. SQ was just a lot more polished.

  4. @ hsw25 — Excellent, because I have the whole same crew. ­čśÇ

    Any chance you’d be interested in writing a guest post about the experience? People have heard my perspective on her, though I’m sure they’d welcome a second opinion. If you’re interested, shoot me an email at [email protected]. If you prefer not to, it’s all good too!

  5. @Lucky, not a problem at all. I was planning to write a TR for FT anyways. So I’ll expand on that a little and send it over to you. Give me a week or so. I still need to work on my day job. We did talk about how you are one of the luckiest bastards alive haha;)

  6. @ hsw25 — Day jobs, what are those? ­čśë

    A link to a trip report works equally well, thanks!

  7. It was obvious richard branson wont allow mr walsh customers using his upper class lounge ­čÖé i guess qatar airways is the next on the list to terminate its partnership,that will be a loss as i think the value was good.

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