British Airways unveils their latest ad, tells customers not to fly!

British Airways just unveiled their latest 60 second TV ad promoting the London Olympics, which can be found here:

I think it’s a great ad to watch with awesome visuals. It’s more of a tourism board type ad than anything else so I doubt it’ll generate a lot of extra revenue, though it’s still “feel good.”

But what really has me scratching my head is the tagline:

For a company that makes a living flying people around the world, would you really want to spend millions of dollars spreading a message telling people to… not fly? I realize it’s probably not intended literally, but seriously? Or am I off base?

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  1. They’ve probably decided that most Londoners have already made up their mind wheter to stay and watch or flee from the Olympics. I think the ad works well as part of their wider brand-building. To a large degree, BA have managed to leverage their Olympic sponsorship and occupy the edgier “cool” space that Virgin has long considered their own.

    Personally, I think the giant athletes painted on the approach to LHR is the best of the stunts.

  2. It wouldn’t make sense without the Twitter hash tag #HomeAdvantage. BA is asking Londonersto stay home and cheer on England….and it’s memorable. In the current economic state for airlines- askin people to NOT fly is unheard of. Great post!

  3. Good ad but not for an airline! London tourism should have thought of it. It’s an odd ad for an airline.

  4. Clever ads like this one help^s viewers develop affection for the product or brand. The message is a side line item.
    Much affection is being drawn here by BA from all who enjoy this ad, wheather or not you take on board the side line item.

  5. “That we’re even talking about it shows it is a very clever ad.”

    A little too clever for BA if you ask me. The more “edgy” and “cool” their advertisements become the more stodgy and dull BA itself begins to look.

  6. Growing a positive online sentiment was having an increasing impact on consumer choices and brand reputations

    This is just one strand of BA’s active part of online dialogue. It’ll go a long way to help increase brand engagement, strengthen their reputation and ultimately sell more tickets.

  7. It seems this campaign from BA is already paying some early dividends…

    A survey out today reveals which brands were most memorable and most associated with the Games.

    British Airways has been named as the winner in the battle for memorable Olympic campaigns. A PR Week/OnePoll survey of the public this week revealed that the airline’s activities, which included a ‘Don’t Fly’ advertising campaign, were cited by 16 per cent of respondents as having the most impact.

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