British Airways launching cheap business class fares to US (others matching)!

Since most of my readers are in the US, I should mention up front that this fare sale is only valid for flights originating in Europe.

While they supposedly won’t start advertising it till tomorrow, British Airways has launched a pretty huge business class fare sale. They ran a business class fare sale a couple of weeks ago for those in the US, though now they’re showing our friends on the other side of the pond some love.

It appears as if the fare sale for flights to the US will be valid for ticketing through June 14, 2012, for travel between June 21, 2012, and May 15, 2013. A 14-day advance purchase is required, a Sunday night minimum stay is required, and the maximum stay is 42 days.

Some of the roundtrip, all-inclusive business class fares are as follows:

£955 (~$1,480) for roundtrip business class from London to Miami? That’s smashingly good.

Best of all it looks like both Virgin Atlantic and Delta have already matched many of the fares.

Mark this as “developing,” though if you’re interested I’d get in on this sooner rather than later, as I suspect space will dry up pretty quickly.

(Tip of the hat to Miles from Blighty)

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  1. Are these fares only valid ex-LHR? Would fares from continental Europe be less as there is no APD to be paid?

  2. @ deux centimes — The searches I’ve done have returned slightly higher prices from other points in mainland Europe. Also found good fares from MAN. I guess we’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see the full scope of the fare sale.

  3. They also seem to have a sale on First as well. I see r/t between LHR and JFK in First in July for 2200 pounds (about $3400).

  4. tries ITA search, but this sale only seem to work til sept 1st even tho it says May 13′

  5. @ Forest — It’s possible they just haven’t loaded all dates yet since the sale isn’t “official” yet.

  6. Lucky: there’s a further date restriction that I had missed when I made my original post on FT. The acrual dates are ate July to early Sept; I am on a tablet at the moment so can’t easily check them, just go back to the thread on FT and you can update your post with the correct info. Sorry for the problem and thanks for the trust!

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