British Airways First Class Is On Sale

Earlier I wrote about a great British Airways business class fare sale being offered for travel originating in the US, with fares of under $1,400 per person, assuming you’re traveling as a pair.

One of the great trends we’ve seen in the airline industry the past few years is premium cabin pricing becoming more reasonable. With the cost of business class often only marginally higher than economy, and with the number of miles required for many award tickets increasing, there’s more value than ever before in just outright purchasing the business class ticket that you want.

While business class frequently seems to be on sale, we don’t see as many offers for international first class, which continues to remain rather ridiculously priced. Seriously, who is paying $18,000+ for a roundtrip first class ticket between New York and London?


Well, the good news is that British Airways has slowly starting discounting first class to more reasonable costs, and at the moment they have one of the best first class fare sales I’ve seen in a while. This is useful for people on the other side of the Atlantic, as the fare sale is valid for travel originating in London over the upcoming holidays.


The basic terms of this sale are as follows:

  • Valid for bookings made by November 28, 2016
  • Valid for travel between December 18, 2016, and January 6, 2017
  • Only valid for travel originating in London

So, how good are the fares? You can fly roundtrip first class from London to New York for ~$2,250:


The same fare is available to Chicago:


You can fly to San Francisco for a few hundred dollars more:


There are plenty of other US destinations valid for this sale as well.

Now, I should note that I don’t love British Airways first class. It’s a huge step up over their business class, though in the past I’ve called British Airways first class the world’s best business class product. Many will find this fare sale totally worthwhile, while others won’t.

British-Airways-First-Class - 10

You can also earn a lot of miles for this type of fare. Just to give one example, I’m a big fan of Alaska Mileage Plan, and they award 250% redeemable and elite qualifying miles for British Airways first class when booked in the “A” fare class. That doesn’t include the elite mileage bonus they offer members, which ranges from 50% to 125%.


Hopefully some readers on the other side of the Atlantic can take advantage of these fares, as transatlantic first class doesn’t get much more reasonably priced than this.

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)


  1. This fares sure we good. Noticed them a few days ago, when looking for flights between London and the Carribean. You can now find business clas for $2300 for example and first class for $2500. That’s crazy. I will pay an extra $200 for the upgrade to BA first class anyday. Amazing and totally worthwhile.
    In addition to the great price if crediting to Alaska you can arm up to 425% of the miles flown (300% for F booking class and 125% bonus for status) + 5 miles per dollar spent if paying with the Platinum Amex. That’s an opportunity to get almost 50% back of the ticket price in miles and points.

  2. While the numbers sound nice, it’s clear British Airways is struggling. It’s no surprise as they have downgraded themselves to a middle tier carrier with an industry trailing product overall for a flagship carrier. I’d fly an American carrier over them anyday to hop across the pond so that’s saying something.

  3. IMO their 789 F is a solid product. True, it’s not on par with Middle Eastern/Asian f products, but it’s totally on par with European and American products.

  4. Here is who pays $13k for an international first class ticket… my husband is an American MD and was imported to a wealthy Middle East country to consult on a patient (for a 3 day trip, booked no more than 2 weeks in advance). The family that brought him into consult bought the full fare international first class ticket! And unfortunately for him, he had to connect in London from BA to a Middle East carrier rather than flying direct on the Middle East carrier from the USA.

  5. BA quite often has fare sales in premium cabins over the Christmas and New Year period, and it makes sense given that business travel is subdued then. But there is a lot of regular leisure travel so coach class is not discounted.

    The same happens in high summer to a lesser extent.

    I quite often book my RT tickets from London to here rather than vice versa – London is the world capital of cheap fares.

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