~$880 British Airways First Class Fares From South Africa

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This most definitely won’t last.

Thanks to a kind reader for pointing out some insane fares that British Airways has. At the moment British Airways has ~$880 roundtrip first class fares from Johannesburg and Cape Town to both Barcelona and Madrid. Other markets may be available as well.

The fare is available through the end of the schedule, so there are plenty of dates with availability. These routes through London, and the Johannesburg flights are typically operated by the A380, while the Cape Town flights are typically operated by the 747.

The best place to search is on Google Flights or ITA Matrix. Then you can book through an OTA, or even directly through British Airways.

The longhaul fare is in the “A” fare class, which earns a ton of miles with many programs. For example, you can earn 450% miles with Alaska Mileage Plan, 250% with British Airways Executive Club, 150% with American AAdvantage, etc.

If you’re interested, I’d recommend booking ASAP, as obviously this won’t last. I also wouldn’t make any non-refundable plans around this ticket either, since there’s no guarantee the fare will be honored.

For what it’s worth, British Airways had a similar fare from London to Ecuador about a year ago, and they ended up not honoring it. However, historically fares out of London are also much higher than fares out of South Africa, so we’ll see!

  1. hmm, using both ITA and Google Flights, these fares and flights do not show up on BA at all — do you have an itinerary link you are using you can share? On google Flights no BA flights show up when searching Nov 4 – Nov 5 like your example shows. Any suggestions or hints on the search parameters?

  2. ooops never mind – need to preposition to JNB or CPT – it is r/t from south africa, not r/t to south africa from bcn.

  3. Doesn’t seems like this will possibly be honored – but a one way from CPT to BCN was available for $530. I just used that to book a return that I needed.

  4. Have booked a return from JNB-BCN July 2019- will need to renew my passport if it happens but no plans for another week or so until we see if this confirms or not!! (Not holding my breath)

  5. Am flying back from CPT on Jan 5, and unfortunately no availability around then. What a disappointment! This is a great mistake fare.

  6. Booked a one-way, thanks. Nice it’s not to widespread on the internet yet. People, please don’t call BA, and relax. Don’t even think about making travel plans now, given BA’s history.

  7. Made a booking too from CPT to BCN next summer. Will be fun to plan around this with positioning to South Africa etc. once we know they will honor the ticket. Thx for the tipp!

  8. Dead. Snagged a one-way (thank you! hope this sticks around unlike last year’s GYE debacle) but error-ed out when trying to make a second rt purchase. Google flights now redirects to an error page.

  9. Seems like we have triggered a protective system within BA’s RM system that zeroed out all the inventory through EOS

  10. @Jonathan – unlikely. RevMan systems aren’t that sophisticated. More likely they did it manually. There are easy and fast ways to manually shut down all inventory in Sabre for the entire selling schedule.

  11. I booked an OW CPT – BCN for a bit more, 543 EUR… Unluckily not J IB redemptions to position in ZA…. Ill wait for confirmations to buy and reach there…

  12. Confirmed as an error fare and bookings being cancelled. Get looking forward to hose refundsnd hope you don’t lose too much on card fx movement.

  13. @Michael not at all, I have 2 booked so hope it’s incorrect but a friend thst booked 4 trips and who alerted me to this has had his 2 November trips cancelled and he can’t do anything on MMB for the Jan and March trips.

    Would love to be proved wrong.

  14. it is an economy fare incorrectly using the “A”Fare basis – zero chance of this going through

  15. 1X ADL0NNM7 A‡R 150.00 ET12OC S11OC -/‡ -/12M EH01
    2A ODL0NNM7 O‡R 181.00 E12OC S11OC -/‡ -/12M EH01

    above is the fare ladder –

  16. Was able to score a few round when I woke up. I was actually looking at heading down to JNB regardless yesterday when I was searching for some airfare. Heading to BOS-GRU first then GRU-JNB for part fun and part mileage running in business.

  17. Full points for not using the “m” and “e” words, Ben. Very professional. Not only does it illustrate your level of knowledge but also shows you’re here for your readers.

  18. Hi,
    who has booked the fare ? I booked it for April 19.
    Is it possible to have a group or something to share experiences ?

  19. Hi guys,
    I did not purchase this fare and was wondering if all your reservations are still valid in BA system (and I made a mistake not purchasing it).
    Thanks for your stories!

  20. Hey George,
    My ticket is still valid. I can view my reservation on BA, and I have selected my seat. I keep waiting for the show to drop, but so far, everything is quiet. No one seems to be talking about it

  21. My ticket is also still valid. I booked for July 2019. It has almost been a week. Can they even cancel the ticket now since it has been a while. If they do it, it should happen quite quick when you ask me… It’s a bit funny yet scary that nobody talks about if the ticket will be honored or not and just nothing happens with the booking either. Anyone has a different experience?

  22. I did not jump onto this fare knowing how BA has acted before, but reading on the “other” website, seems quite a number of people are in the anxious mode. Anyway, anyone flew yet? I’m sure that there would have been someone who booked a next day ticket to fly…

  23. Still valid on my side as well! I am starting to look for some interesting routings & fares to CPT from Europe.

  24. My ticket is also still valid. Also started to plan about how i’m going to fly to CPT. I don’t know but can they still cancel that ticket?? They should have done this much earlier!!

  25. I just returned from my JNB-LHR-BCN and back mile run. Everything worked out just fine. My first time in first class.

    @lucky, thanks for posting this!

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