British Airways business class fare sale to London, starting at $2,012!

This seems to be the summer of great business class fare sales, especially considering the fact that coach fares to Europe for this summer are as high as I’ve ever seen before.

In May British Airways ran a $1,952 fare sale to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, though this is almost as good.

British Airways is presently offering $2,012 all-in business class fares between the US and London for bookings made through July 3, 2012, for travel between July 16, 2012, and September 2, 2012. A Saturday night minimum stay is required.

Most of British Airways’ US destinations seem to have availability at that price, though I suspect availability will dry up pretty quickly.

Also keep in mind that if you have a British Airways Signature Visa card you can get a further 10% discount on the cost of the ticket.

After you’ve selected the flights you want, just enter promotion code CHASEBA10.

Once you enter the promotion code the updated price will display — in this case ~$1,800.

~$1,800 for business class to Europe in summer is a steal, and in many cases only a few hundred dollars more than coach.

For what it’s worth the fuel surcharges and taxes on a British Airways business class award ticket between Los Angeles and London would come out to $1,168.07, so in this case you’re paying less than $700 more than an award ticket, not to mention the fact that you’re saving 100,000 miles and earning miles for your ticket.

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  1. @ AK — As far as I can tell it is, though I’m looking into it now.

    @ Carl — I’d like to, though seems best sampled on an ex-CMB fare.

    @ John — Yep, still have it. Am trying to decide whether or not to go for a companion certificate or not.

  2. all these sales are pretty instructive of what their current loads must be. Is everyone avoiding BA now to avoid their government’s high taxes and the airline’s high fuel surcharges?

  3. UA is doing $2681 fares around the same time. Not quite as good, but not horrible either.

  4. This is awesome, I wish I had an excuse to go to London again next month. The COACH ticket on United I got a couple weeks ago was almost that much, with the $300 upgrade it was more!

  5. United has now matched. United price for LAX-LHR-LAX is now also 2000 even (i searched dates in mid/late August)

  6. okay sorry the CARDOFFERU does work. it just must be an ALL-BA metal itinerary. Partial BA-AA combo itineraries dont work even if BA flight numbers.

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