Today Only: Earn 5x Airline Miles On Apple Purchases

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Online shopping portals can be a great way to pick up additional miles & points for purchases you’d make anyway. Just for following a specific link you can earn bonus points in addition to the ones you’d earn for credit card spending.

Whenever I make an online purchase I always check to see which shopping portal has the best bonus.

Apple is a retailer that generally doesn’t discount much, though at the moment there are some opportunities to earn bonus miles for Apple purchases. This promotion is available today only, so you’ll want to act fast.

Today (Monday, June 15, 2020) you can earn the following number of bonus miles for Apple purchases:

Personally I’d be collecting Alaska Mileage Plan miles (since I consider those to be most valuable), though if you prefer collecting miles with another program, you do have several options.

We see increased Apple portal bonuses every couple of months, typically. Sometimes we see offers for up to 10x miles, though that can be rare. While 5x miles isn’t the best we’ve seen, it’s better than anything else offered in the past month.

If you do take advantage of this, note the following terms:

Rewards are issued by this site, not Apple. Products not eligible for rewards are Mac Pro, Apple Pro Display XDR, gift cards, gift wrap, Bose products, Apple Developer Programs and shipping. Orders purchased on the Government or Military and Veteran’s Stores are not eligible for additional rewards. Apple sells and ships products to end user customers only; you may not purchase for resale. Eligible only to a customer for up to five (5) units per eligible product, except iPhone, in which case only two (2) units within a thirty-day (30-day) period are eligible. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Purchases made with a gift card may be ineligible.

This is a good bonus, and in particular it seems that it even works on new iPhones and MacBook Airs, which is pretty awesome.

Anyone plan to take advantage of this Apple shopping portal bonus?

  1. Or wait till July 1st and earn 5x on Ulimate Rewards buying on amazon…. if you prefer transferable points

  2. Is the Apple store showing the error – ‘Be right back. We’re making updates to the Apple Store. Check back soon.’ ?

  3. People that still buy Apple products know nothing about tech. Samsung and Microsoft are cutting edge.

  4. So which card would you purchase with for best coverage of a new laptop? Costco Visa Signature, Citi Premier, CSR or Chase Freedom Unlimited? Looks like I would get the most points with the CFU but I’m more concerned about coverage for the product, things got hazy after Citi’s removal of many benefits in Sept.

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