Best airline for landing a sugar daddy?

In what can only be described as the finest piece of American journalism in a long time, ABC Travel shares the best airline for landing a rich boyfriend, sugar daddy, and high net-worth husband. Their findings?

“If you want the best shot of landing a rich boyfriend, fly Delta Air Lines. If you want a generous sugar daddy, fly American Airlines. If you want a high net-worth husband, fly United Airlines,” said Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of and, in a press release. “And if you only have the appetite for wealthy men, stay away from peanut airlines such as Southwest, Frontier, Spirit or Allegiant.”

Now that’s useful…

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  1. It forgot to mention that you must purchase first class tickets or be a top tier elite to get access to the sought sugar-daddy.

  2. Lucky-

    Should we read that to mean a woman should fly UA in order to meet someone who may become her rich husband, or does it mean UA is the carrier of choice to meet someone who is already the rich husband of someone else?

  3. @ Brian — You caught me!

    @ Sam — Well I think the article makes no sense, but it seems to suggest you have the best shot of finding one, which I guess means they’re not taken (in theory).

  4. How’s that gonna affect your business in terms of booking award tickets through UAL? Did you at least make 1MM? 2MM?

  5. The flying demographic is itself high net worth.

    Move up to first class and it’s higher still, sure it’s all upgrades but frequent flying business execs are going to be at least upper middle class for the most part.

    Then factor in which airlines hub in which cities, and assume that millionaires value their time and want to avoid connections, you assume that they’re flying on their hub carriers — So United has a big New York base, so does Delta, United has a big Chicago bas (American’s average stage-length adjusted revenue per mile is substantially lower than United’s in Chicago). United is big in Houston, American in Dallas, what are the demographics of those cities…

    But you’d think the article would suggest getting a job working for Signature Flight Services or some other entity servicing private jets….

  6. Gary, that plays into my plan! I keep saying that I should buy the hot dog stand concession at East Hampton airport. Even billionaires get peckish!

  7. Look for someone flashing their Chase Sapphire Preferred card, now THOSE guys are the truly high net worth individuals. 🙂

  8. if you want gradparents/little children/latin partners fly jetblue?

    if you want a geek fly virgin?

  9. Suggestion for the next edition of this story: advice on how to ‘land’ a beauty with brains. If that is rare, any advice on which airlines the hot girls fly may be a great story 😀

  10. I wonder how they would classify people that fly American, United, Delta and Southwest.

    Rich, generous, high-net worth but recently bankrupt boyfriend?

  11. Hilarious, I guess. This must be the off season for travel and airline related posts and I’ve seen a LOT of this junk recently. Please, Ben, take the higher road. If you don’t have anything to say on a given day – Don’t Say It. (That guidline ought to apply to ALL blogers, but then I dream a lot…)

  12. Lucky, Would you consider writing on a post on why you’ve actually decided to drop UA these days? You once were such an apologist for them.

  13. Awesome! Now would somebody please tell my wife how fortunate she is to have me as her UA-flying high(ish) net-worth husband??? =)

  14. @Nancy- If someone has a net worth of $3-$5 million that would put them in the top 5-10% of U.S. households not upper middle class.

  15. Add me to the list of folks who are curious about the switch from UA to AA. I went in the opposite direction after the end of MRTC. To be perfectly honest, I found AA and UA to more alike than they are apart.

  16. I need to stop flying United and switch back to Delta again. I’m only in town for one night, and I’m not looking for a ring…

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