Beautiful Turkish Airlines Ad

There are some advertisements that are awesome regardless of whether they’re in your language or not. Turkish has a pretty cute new ad that any airplane-obsessed person can appreciate:

And bonus points to them for not even using the “Globally Yours” theme song (though I do love the below ad as well):

(Tip of the hat to @deovratk)

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  1. They did actually change their slogan a few months ago, hence why they retired the “Globally Yours” jingle. Though it’s still being played in their safety videos.

  2. TKs marketing agency should definitely be rewarded – the messi-campaign is also quite awesome.

  3. Yeah, they’re really cute till they force ethnic Kurdish kids to only speak Turkish in cool and arrest you if you speak it in government buildings, force Kurds to call themselves mountain Turks and limit Kurdish radio broadcasts to 20 hours a week, but hey, least they have nice airline ads and doesn’t that make it all better?

  4. The ad is cute but subtitles would be nice to figure out what’s going on — why wouldn’t the kids know that there’s an airport nearby? *confused*

  5. @Lucky In almost every Turkey related news got some people commenting about either religious, political or racial matters about Turkey. Everyone has opinions, yes even though i know those people haven’t traveled in Turkey or don’t know any Turkish people but criticizing about things like these are so easy from outside. I don’t really know where you people getting these ideas from but my point is actually this is not a place for these kinds of comments or criticizing, i hope you do something about that.

  6. @Mike; those discriminations were 20 years ago, before the outstanding reform and improvement of democracy that have taken place in Turkey for the last 15 years. Those things you mention, are %100 lies if you actually mean they are happening now?.. This is not a place to write down insubstantial things to people who know nothing or so little about Turkey.

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