Banyan Tree Promo: Save Big When You Pay Now, Travel Later

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I’ve written before about how I think many travel brands could be doing a better job creatively generating revenue. With so many companies having liquidity issues, I don’t understand why we’re not seeing more travel brands incentivizing paying now for travel at a later date.

We’ve started to see this at some hotels, and now Banyan Tree has launched a fantastic promotion.

Through May 6, 2020, Banyan Tree is running the “Ultimate Getaways” promotion, through which they’re offering up to 78% off future stays.

The way this promotion works:

  • You’re buying a non-refundable gift certificate that you have to use for a stay by December 20, 2021
  • The gift certificate includes taxes and service charges (which can otherwise be significant)
  • Bookings include accommodation and daily breakfast for two
  • Advance reservation is required and redemption is subject to hotel’s room availability

This promotion is available at a dozen Bayan Tree properties. In each case you’re getting three nights accommodations plus some add-ons, ranging from massages, to afternoon tea, to dinner, to club upgrades.

Here are the basics of each gift certificate offer:

These really are some exceptional discounts, and given that the gift certificates are valid through December 2021, you’ll have over 18 months to actually stay.

While this isn’t a promotion I’ll be taking advantage of, if you were considering going to one of the above Banyan Tree properties anyway or live closer to these properties than I do, then I’d seriously consider this promotion.

Is anyone taking advantage of this great Banyan Tree promo?

(Tip of the hat to God Save The Points)

  1. If companies are that desperate for cash you have to wonder if they’ll be around to honour your voucher.

    Sit on your cash or better they buy some stock.

  2. Bookings include 2 nights. What happens if Asia is not open at the end of 2021? There are going to be more outbreaks correct? Do you get your money back? This is a huge risk, you would have to be too stupid to buy.

  3. For the Banyan Tree Bangkok, the T&C states, “Each Gift Certificate constitutes accommodation for 2 nights stay – Inclusive daily breakfast for 2 adults” which is okay but not a great bringing the nightly rate including breakfast, tax, and service charge to $120.

    But the question remains as “Advance reservation is required and redemption is subject to hotel’s room availability.” how to book these gift certificates and what’s the availability!

  4. I would most certainly not provide an unsecured loan to any business as long as nobody knows whether I’ll be able to get to the property in question. Nobody knows when borders will open, what flights will operate and at what cost and what sort of restrictions will apply. If the travel experience becomes a hassle (eg having to check in 4 hours prior because of health checks, having to wear a mask everywhere etc) I will not travel as it’s no longer enjoyable. On top of that what will be open at the destination? I’m not travelling to be locked in a room having to order room service. I want to experience the destination, see the sights and eat good local food. If many of these things are shut or limited there’s no point going, and I’d rather have a picnic in a local park with some friends.

  5. A German Blogger has shared a notice that the availability is… not good.
    They have significant blackout dates and you can’t check them before you book the voucher.
    Be careful before you book.

  6. Even if the hotels survive, you still run the risk that actual rates will be lower than what you prepaid.

    The “savings” here are fake because there’s no way hotels are going to achieve similar rates to before the crisis,

  7. I was excited until I saw 3 days and 2 nights stay. Who travels that far for a short period of time?

  8. Banyan tree is way overpriced for normal tourists. For that kind of money in SE Asia I can have much more freedom by booking last minute at much cheaper hotels. And the sort of money squandering rich clientele they target doesn’t need a discount anyway. They’ll travel when they travel and can pay whatever.

  9. The hotel may close down before travelling.
    Travelling restrictions may not meaningfully ease at all for most of the period leading g up to end of 2021.
    Availability may be bad (and seems to be the case), and even if it’s not, it can change at a dime’s notice. They could literally zero out all availability on May 7th.
    No one will be paying their listed “regular” rate for the foreseeable future, so the discount percentages are not honest.

    There are so many risks and issues I don’t think anyone should buy it.

  10. @john people who live in Asia eg Singapore, HK, BKK. Bintan is a quick ferry ride from Singapore.

    BTW both Bintan resorts are really ordinary. Much newer and fancier hotels.

  11. This deal died with the word “gift certificate”

    These hotel “gift certificate” are notorious for heavily capacity controlled.

    “Advance reservation is required and redemption is subject to hotel’s room availability”
    Confirms that you will get screwed because we will sell 1,000,000 certificates but we block 1 room per night for redemptions.

    I would rather buy those sneaky timeshare “3D2N getaway for $99” at least those people still have some incentive to get me into their hard sell pitch.

  12. With a trip to Thailand booked for next February, I was intrigued (if we’re still on lock down next February, a couple of hundred $ are the least of my worries!)….but the inability to check dates of availability UNTIL AFTER you have purchased the certificate made it a firm “no” for me.

  13. People need to be very careful and know they are taking a risk when buying, many companies may go bankrupt if everything is not back to normal fast enough. I am not saying Banyan Tree will go bankrupt for sure but people need to take this into consideration and need to know the risk they are taking.

  14. They are three day, two night packages – not three nights that you specified above

  15. I bought the package for both the Banyan Tree in Bangkok and in Phuket.

    By making dummy bookings, I can confirm that the following dates for check-in are blacked-out:

    Banyan Tree Bangkok:
    – 23-31 DEC 2020
    – 1-3 JAN 2021
    – 11-17 FEB 2021
    – 12-14 APR 2021
    – 1-10 OCT 2021

    Banyan Tree Phuket:
    – 29-31 DEC 2020
    – 1 JAN 2021
    – 11-14 FEB 2021
    – 15-18 MAY 2021
    – 1-8 OCT 2021

    Whilst I simply clicked on the link in the confirmation e-mail, I did see that in the booking process the promo code “GETAWAYS” was added, so perhaps you guys could make dummy bookings with this promo code, without the need to purchase a certificate.

    REMEMBER: it only shows availability if you search for an exact 2-night stay, as stipulated on the certifiate.

  16. @Pascal W

    promo code “GETAWAYS” does seem to work. Which made me look further in, from the prices I used to pay I say they are not 70% off typical rates but from rack rates. I’m seeing more like 20-30% off and that is from normal times not after COVID world.

  17. That may well be, it depends on the property.
    For the Banyan Tree Phuket I was looking at 2-4 January, and indeed the certificate prices around 75% cheaper than the lowest rate (no breakfast or other extras), therefore they are correct in saying *up to 75% cheaper.
    Also, on the landing page you can see the original prices, thereby enabling you to calculate which property has a hight % discount.

  18. Looks like Australian Government isn’t allowing its citizens to leave the country until 2021 (subject to COVID-19 situation overseas), so this is virtually useless for Aussies, despite relatively quick flight to Bangkok or Phuket (compared to North America or Europe)

    Otherwise this could be heck of a deal.

  19. Pascal, thanks for the code. But I got an email from the hotel (BT Phuket) saying I had to BOOK (not only buy the gift certificate) “by May 6 “, is that correct ?

    “Referring to ultimate getaway promotion (e – gift voucher) via our brand website, we would like to inform you that Gift Certificates are redeemable until 20 December 2021 with a no-extension policy. Also, this promotion is applicable to book within 06 May 2020 only.”

    I sent an email back straight away to Banyan Tree Phuket to confirm I had to BOOK BY MAY 6, but did not get response. If anyone can help please 😉



  20. No need to book by May 6. It is just available for purchase till May 6. See their terms and conditions:

    Gift Certificates are redeemable until 20 December 2021 with a no-extension policy.

  21. @Paris – that seems weird, as the terms and conditions state the certificate has to be bought by May 6th, and nowhere does it say the stay needs to be booked by May 6th.

    My stay at the Banyan Tree Phuket I already booked, as I am planning on going right after New Years. For my certificate for the Banyan Tree Bangkok I have not received such an email stating I need to book by May 6th.

  22. Thanks guys I got an email back eventually and the first agent made a mistake .
    All sorted out now thanks .
    Will buy a few nights here and there then

  23. Banyan Tree basically has been cashflow negative for years, they have c.$100mn due in 5% notes in early June hence they need as much liquidity as they can (and why presumably they want the money by May 6)
    You’re basically underwriting credit risk at a huge discount and assuming they won’t go under. They probably also need an equity recap soon too… Maybe they’ll offer equity stakes with discounted coupons in the next round of capital raising?

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