Lufthansa Lounge Watermark

Amex Platinum Lufthansa Lounge Access Benefit Extended

The Platinum Card® from American Express (review) and The Business Platinum Card® from American Express (review) both get you access to Amex’s Global Lounge Collection, which includes access to Amex Centurion Lounges, Delta SkyClubs, Priority Pass Lounges,…

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Park Hyatt Shenzhen

Buy World Of Hyatt Points With 30% Bonus

Obviously this isn’t the time to buy points speculatively. However, there are some people looking to plan travel way in advance, so if that applies to you, buying points at a discount could be worth considering. Let me say upfront that most people shouldn't…

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Qantas A330

The Bailout Battle Between Qantas & Virgin Australia

Qantas and Virgin Australia are engaged in quite the battle in Australia over survival. Qantas is saying Virgin Australia shouldn't be given aid due to mismanagement, while Virgin Australia is saying that Qantas is trying to drive them out of business.…

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Latam Lounge Sao Paulo – 7

Delta & LATAM Launch Reciprocal Frequent Flyer Benefits

In September 2019 it was announced that Delta would be buying a 20% stake in LATAM, and that the two airlines would be forming a joint venture. There is significant work required to fully execute on the partnership, as LATAM currently belongs to oneworld,…

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Royal Air Maroc 787 Business Class 1

Royal Air Maroc Officially Joins Oneworld

The "big three" global alliances can be really helpful for frequent flyers, in terms of earning and redeeming miles, and receiving consistent benefits and recognition across airlines. However, for the most part these alliances aren't growing much anymore,…

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American A321 First Class – 3

Alaska & American Improve Reciprocal Mileage Earning

Several weeks ago it was announced that Alaska Airlines would be joining the oneworld alliance, and as part of that they're also strengthening ties with American Airlines once again. While Alaska Airlines will be joining the oneworld alliance in the…

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Etihad A380

Etihad Guest Selling Miles At Lowest Cost Ever

Obviously this isn’t the time to buy miles speculatively. However, there are also lots of people planning last minute trips to get home, or planning travel way in advance, so if that applies to you, buying miles at a discount could be worth considering,…

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Andaz Tokyo – 86

Japan Bans Visitors From 70+ Countries Indefinitely

Not that anyone should be looking to take a vacation anytime soon, but Japan has just banned entry for foreigners who have been in one of over 70 countries (including the United States) in the past 14 days. I think this current situation makes us all…

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Airline Flight Simulator – 6

Bizarre Video: “How To Fly An Airplane Story”

Andrew B passes along something that showed up on his Facebook timeline. He says "this might be the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen," and I don't think he's too far off. DEMIC is a Facebook page with nearly 14 million followers, with the following…

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United 777

Nine US Senators Demand Airlines Provide Cash Refunds

There has been a lot of frustration among consumers when it comes to how airlines have been handling cancellations in light of COVID-19. Even in situations where airlines cancel flights, in many cases there has been no option to get a cash refund, but…

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Chase Sapphire Reserve Watermark 1200

Chase Sapphire Reserve Offering $100 Annual Fee Credit

There can be huge value in having premium credit cards that offer great travel perks, though it goes without saying that at this point many of us are struggling to justify the annual fees on some cards. I expected we'd see credit card issuers get a bit…

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Virgin Australia April Fools

Virgin Australia Does April Fools’ Right

This probably isn't the year for April Fools' jokes, given what people are going through, and also given that at this point reality is crazier than any joke a company can come up with. While I've seen stories all over the web warning companies that this…

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Air North Flight Kitchen

LOL: Air North Now Delivers Airplane Food!

If you've been at home for weeks and can't wait to travel, there's probably one thing you miss more than anything -- airplane food. What's not to love about eating a reheated dinner at 35,000 feet? Well, Yukon's Air North recognizes what we're all going…

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American 737

American Airlines Retiring 737s, A330s, And More

Airlines around the globe are parking planes to react to the huge decrease in demand for air travel. It has become pretty apparent that demand won't just be fully rebounding in a couple of months, but rather a full recovery is likely to take years. As…

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Air Iceland Connect

Air Iceland Connect Being Integrated Into Icelandair

Here’s an interesting update from aviation in Iceland, and I’m not sure what exactly to make of it… Air Iceland Connect & Icelandair integration Icelandair and Air Iceland Connect are both owned by Icelandair Group: Icelandair is…

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Airline Flight Simulator – 5

Video: When Pilots Work From Home

A couple of days ago I shared the hilarious video of what it's like when flight attendants work from home, which made me laugh out loud at several points. While perhaps a bit lower budget and more amateur, there's also a hilarious pilot version of this,…

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Ethiopian Airlines 777

Why Were Two Ethiopian Airlines 777s In Miami?

File this under "that's kind of cool as an aviation geek," rather than "that's useful" (but nowadays I feel like the former is more fun than the latter, given that all the useful news lately seems to be bad news). As I've said  many times before, one…

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