Another day of booking award tickets with US Airways…

Me: “I’d like to change the return portion of this ticket to instead depart Paris on May 15 instead of May 13, please.”
Agent: “So you’re wanting to change your return point from Charles de Gaulle to Paris?”
*picking my jaw off the floor*
Agent: “Do you happen to know the airport code for Paris?”
Me: “Yes, it’s C-D-G.”
Agent: “Thank you, I always forget that one.”

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  1. LOL! Rember to use it to your advantage. It may be OK to cross the Caribbean a few times to go from ORD to MIA.

  2. Agent: “Do you happen to know the airport code for Paris?”
    Me: “Yes, it’s B-K-K.”


  3. Agent: “Do you happen to know the airport code for Paris?”
    Me: “which Paris? Paris France or Paris Ontario Canada?”
    Agent: “Paris France”
    Me: “Which airport? ORY or CDG?”

  4. Don’t be mean; most people use their miles-if at all-for US domestic flights; you should be grateful for that.

  5. (yesterday, US Chairman’s line booking F award to PVG)
    Me: “Seoul to Shanghai”
    US: “Shanghai is in Japan, right?”
    Me: “No, China”

    later, after all segments booked…
    US: “That will be 210 thousand points…”
    Me (after fainting): “Are you sure, how about 120K?”
    US: “Oh yeah, I guess you’re right”

    …to their credit, an 8 segment No Asia F award, for $75, and in under 20 minutes… I am NOT complaining at all!

  6. Me : I like to book a ticket to XYZ
    Agent : well that date has no availability
    Me : here are the flight codes
    Agent : oh , those were on page 2 I never hit that button.


  7. I actually booked a US 90K biz class award to Asia without LMAO. Guess I was “lucky” (of course I had verified availability on my desired segments in advance, and spoon-fed them to the agent).

  8. And to think, you only paid $150 to make the change.

    Surprisingly, my two experiences calling US Airways agents to book went very smoothly. They are very happy to be spoon-fed the itinerary after you nicely say, “I know US Airways is part of Star Alliance but because the website doesn’t allow for partner award bookings, I used the United site since United is also part of Star Alliance – would it be easier for you if I told you the actual flight numbers from my United search?” They unequivocally answer yes.

  9. I swear these people at US airways are slow as molasses… i’ve been on the phone for 17 minutes now and I’ve only given her 3 segments… she literally takes 5 minutes for each segment…………… im actually listening for yawning sounds… Good lord.. at this rate, this will take hours… im hoping for her just to enter the segments and then save it….

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