Another bump!

Gosh, I love United. I scored yet another bump on my IAD-DFW flight. There were a few very angry IDB’s. It’s time to fly!

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  1. I’m flying all the wrong routes. All my kind requests to VDB myself are met with, “Get on the plane, ugly.” 🙁

  2. @ ual757 — That’s my name!

    @ Gray — I get the “ugly” part, just no the “get on the plane” part. 😉

    @ Sam — In that case I should be changing my handle to “Skilled.” 😀

    @ Scholar — Absolutely! I try to book flights which I know are frequently oversold.

  3. lucky,
    Sorry to bother you, will be MR today 06/12 LAX/JFK UA28 and back the next day,the outbound looks all zero out in all classes except F9,P9,A9 do you think it’s a good chance they will ask for volunteer?
    if I get the VDB do you think they could reroute me like this instead of taking the later redeyes:
    06/12 LAX/SFO
    06/13 SFO/JFK, 06/13 JFK/LAX (same day return)

    Thanks for your help!

  4. @ first — Sorry for the late response. For some reason I forgot to respond to this earlier. Generally speaking F9 would mean that operational upgrades are more likely than VDB’s, although it’s definitely a possibility. They could definitely reroute you on LAX-SFO-JFK if you were in that situation.

  5. Thanks so much for the info,got the $200 bump and put on the red eye in F. So far I love doing the MR. I’ve book my upcoming MR and do you think GA would let me change this itinerary?
    Btw I really like your site!don’t know how to thank you,here goes:

    Currently book on: 06/20/09

    United 0312
    Depart: TPA 1:47 PM
    Arrive: IAD 4:02 PM Non-stop
    2h 15m
    810 miles traveled Fare basis code:
    Booking class: A
    810 Award miles
    No Meal Service

    United 0457
    Depart: IAD 6:56 PM
    Arrive: DEN 8:45 PM Non-stop
    3h 49m
    1,452 miles traveled Fare basis code:
    Booking class: A
    1,452 Award miles

    United 0271
    Depart: DEN 9:51 PM
    Arrive: ONT 11:01 PM Non-stop
    2h 10m
    819 miles traveled Fare basis code:
    Booking class: Y
    819 Award miles
    No Meal Service

    New crazy itinerary have in mind:

    6:00 AM TPA – 8:11 AM IAD
    United 424

    12:16 PM IAD – 1:35 PM JFK

    2:45 PM JFK – 6:24 PM SFO
    premium service United 15

    10:25 PM SFO – 11:46 PM ONT

  6. @ first — Nice fare basis. 😉 Unfortunately that would be very challenging on many levels:

    1) You’d have to standby, and IAD-JFK is almost always packed.
    2) The routing you want is one segment longer than what you have booked, so the agents would have to manually add “coupons,” which would get complicated.
    3) You’re technically only be entitled to business since it’s a two cabin F fare, and chances are business would be full (first is usually where the space is).

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