Great Deals At The Andaz Mayakoba

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In late May I first wrote about the incredible promotion available at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts, thanks to a great fourth night free and resort credit offer that could be combined with Hyatt Prive benefits. Literally hundreds of you took advantage of that deal, given what a good value it represented. Unfortunately this promotion is no longer bookable, as it expired on June 30, 2018.

While perhaps not quite as generous, there’s an excellent deal for stays at the Andaz Mayakoba, which is a hotel that I’ve been wanting to visit as well. World of Hyatt members may be especially tempted by this offer, given that Hyatt is also offering double elite nights for Andaz stays through August 31, 2018, if you want to plan a getaway soon.

The deal at the Andaz Mayakoba

The Andaz Mayakoba has a “Half Price Full Experience” package. This promotion is valid for stays booked by August 31, 2018, and consumed by October 31, 2018, and includes 50% off the room rate, a 25% discount on all restaurants and room service, and 25% off at the spa. The rate is valid for stays of at least three nights. You have to book at least a Lagoon View to take advantage of this offer, which is why in the below screenshot it doesn’t look like it’s quite half off (though it is, because the standard rate for a Lagoon View is $350 per night).

For example, picking nights at random, I see rates of $175 per night when factoring in this deal (though rates vary depending on when you’re staying), which is about as low as I’ve seen the rates at this hotel. This rate is non-refundable, so you’ll be committed once you book.

This can be stacked with Hyatt Prive benefits

A while ago I wrote about Hyatt Prive, which is a Hyatt program available to select travel agents, which offers their guests special privileges for stays at select Hyatt hotels. For stays at the Andaz Mayakoba, guests booking through Hyatt Prive receive:

  • A $100 property credit per room per stay
  • A one category room upgrade confirmed within 24 hours of booking (room-to-room or suite-to-suite, subject to availability)
  • Daily full breakfast for two in the hotel’s restaurant
  • Early check-in (as early as 9AM), subject to availability
  • A welcome gift and letter

You can stack the great rates with the Prive benefits, so not only could you score a rate of just $175 per night (or similar), but you could get free breakfast, an upgrade within 24 hours (subject to availability), a $100 property credit per stay, and more. I’d say that’s an excellent deal for what looks like a very nice hotel.-

If you’d like to book this rate, Ford is a Prive agent and would be happy to help, and can be reached at [email protected] I’d recommend first looking up the “Half Price Full Experience” rate on Hyatt’s website, and then Ford can verify the rate is the same and help you book (or rebook, if you’ve already made a refundable reservation) and get all the other perks. Other travel advisors are also free to leave their info below if they have access to a similar deal. Let me once again emphasize that this deal is non-refundable, so you’ll only want to book if you’re 100% sure you can make it.

Bottom line

I’ve heard great things about the Andaz Mayakoba and have been wanting to visit, and I’ve never seen a better deal at this property. When you combine a rate this low with Prive benefits, you’re looking at getting an excellent deal at this hotel, especially when you consider that you’re getting discounts at the restaurants and spa. If you can plan a getaway in the next several weeks, you can even potentially earn double World of Hyatt elite credits.

I’m hoping to book this deal myself, and hopefully some of you can take advantage of it as well.

The Andaz is a Category 5 World of Hyatt property, so a free night would ordinarily cost 20,000 points per night. I’d consider this deal to be significantly better, since I value Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each.

Has anyone been to the Andaz Mayakoba yet? What was your experience like?


  1. I actually checked with Citi Concerige (to stack 4th night + Prive) on Sunday. The Hyatt Prive rate was about $10-20 more per day than the lowest prices available to members.

    But, what about safety in Mexico? Isn’t it a little dicey?

  2. I think it’s kind of messed up that you don’t mention that Citibank 4th Night Free is stackable with Prive now. It’s possible you didn’t know that. On the other hand…

  3. Was there last month for a family vacation. Loved it.
    Some other notes:
    – globalist breakfast (and likely Prive breakfast) is a fantastic spread in their main dining room
    – prices on food was very reasonable, drink not horrible but not great value for money
    – Kids under 5 eat free and the kids food is good
    – Kids club is free for kids 4 and over

    This deal for those with young kids, especially 4 year olds will find an incredible value.

    There is a service I found online we used that has someone go shopping for you at a grocery store and delivers it to the hotel to put into your room. That was great for doing in-room lunches and having beer and wine in room at reasonable prices.

  4. When a hotel like this is so heavily discounted at low season, and the loyalty program doubles the credit for stays at that hotel to obviously encourage stays in an obviously very low occupancy period, one can expect substantial decreases in overall service and food and beverage quality. You’ve been forewarned.

    The hotel almost certainly will concomitantly cut costs as its revenues obviously have been significantly diminished. That doesn’t bode well for the brand standard experience.

    What sounds like it might be too good to be true usually is. Never forget it.

  5. I didn’t stay at Andaz but have stayed at Myakoba, I think Rosewood, a few years back. It’s a kind of gated community of upscale hotels maybe 30 miles south of Cancun, built on a swamp. So the hotels are way from the water and you have to ride a bike to get there. Lots of mosquitos and definitely not an ocean swimming type place. You are somewhat trapped. It was an interesting setup but I wouldn’t recommend more than a few days at Myakoba hotels.

  6. I was at Mayakoba and Hyatt Ziva last week.

    Both were good stays in this somewhat off sesson.

    Mayakoba hot tubs were just lukewarm, no pool towels available after 6pm despite pools open till 8.

    Mayakoba was the only hotel ever (besides Las Vegas resorts) that we have been warned/yelled at for bringing our own bag of soda and a snack to eat at the pool. A couple hours after my family and another had a $126usd per family breakfast at the mahakoba buffet we were reprimanded by the pool manager. We were told that our own drink or snack were “fine” only if we bought something from their pool restaurant first

  7. I give it 3/5
    Mayakoba high point – spa sauna steam hot tub circuit of aqua therapy.
    Close second high point – the boat tour around myakoba compound

    Low point – room location hits or misses bc
    Place is very spread out. Beach on one side, spa, certain restaurants gym on the other side. They offer bikes but not enough available and breakfast at both ends but…it’s still a pain especially if you’re with your whole family

    The beach is nice…that is if you set your chair up to face away from the sand bags that look like dead beached whales…seriously lol

  8. Just completed our stay at Andaz Mayakoba. Great property, gorgeous physical attributes including rooms, dining etc however note a couple of things:

    1) there are no adult only areas and when we were there, kids were everywhere, including all the pool- making lots of noise. They need to figure this out.
    2) when you add the mandatory 15% service charge plus “optional tip” and another VAT fee on food and beverage- it gets pricey quick
    3) really enjoy the rooms but would suggest a beach side category room
    4) safety isn’t an issue- you are very secluded
    5) too many kids 🙂

  9. Because of a $100 property credit per room per stay, the best value would be a booking of one night?

    Some of you reported food and drinks expensive. Some examples, please? I wonder that 25% discount would be enough.

  10. @Maverik, base prices on food and beverages aren’t horrible but when you add the taxes and mandatory gratuity it gets expensive. I would say cocktails are around $10-11 USD ++ ($14 all in). Food prices for lunch are decent as they have some basic fair like tacos etc.
    Casa Amate (fine dining) is pricey- I’d skip the main dining room there and do happy hour (4-6pm drinks are around $5 ++).
    Lastly, there is a % based resort fee which I very much disagree with.

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