The Andaman Langkawi (Marriott) Destroyed In Fire

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This is tragic. The Andaman is a Marriott Luxury Collection Resort in Langkawi, Malaysia. The hotel has sustained extensive damage after two major fires.

The Andaman Langkawi catches fire… twice

The Andaman has dealt with two fires in the past day. Malay Mail reports that the first fire started shortly after 4PM on Tuesday afternoon. About 40 firefighters were called to the scene, and by 10PM the fire was brought under control.

However, shortly after 1AM firefighters received another call for the same hotel, and had to rush there again. That fire wasn’t put out until daytime on Wednesday (today).

At this point reports suggest that:

  • The fire started in the kitchen of the hotel, though an investigation is ongoing; one certainly has to wonder if the first fire wasn’t actually controlled, or how there were two back-to-back fires
  • It’s believed that everyone was evacuated from the hotel safely, though there are concerns about the fires having damaged the nearby rainforest, given the location of the property

The hotel issued the following statement following the fire:

We can confirm that a fire broke out at The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi on Tuesday, 12 January 2021. As soon as we were aware of the incident, we informed the authorities and moved swiftly to evacuate the hotel.

As an additional safety precaution, all guests have been relocated to our sister property while investigations are ongoing. Our utmost priority is to ensure the safety of our guests and associates.

We are working closely and in cooperation with the fire department to determine the cause of the fire. As this matter is under investigation, we are unable to provide further information.

Will The Andaman Langkawi reopen?

This fire just happened, so we don’t know for sure if/when the property will reopen, given that damage is being assessed. One thing is for sure — the damage to the hotel is really extensive, and this hotel won’t be reopening anytime soon. The hotel has closed reservations, so there are no rooms available even when booking a year out.

Below you can see a video.

For context, below is what the building looked like before the fire.

It’s my understanding that only one “block” of the hotel burned, so perhaps that’s a silver lining. However, this is also the block with some of the public facilities, so it’s the hardest to operate without.

If The Andaman does reopen, I think it’s safe to say that it will be a while before that happens.

Bottom line

The Andaman Langkawi has suffered significant damage after two fires in the past 24 hours. An investigation is ongoing, but it’s believed that at least the first fire originated in the kitchen.

Fortunately it’s believed that no one was seriously injured, though this is still tragic. Only time will tell if the property reopens.

Has anyone stayed at The Andaman?

(Tip of the hat to Jocelyn)

  1. I work in the media in Malaysia and have been to Langkawi many, many times and have stayed at The Andaman, as well, most recently in September. It’s a lovely hotel, one of the first eco-resorts in the country dating back to the mid-1990s. I know several of the staff there, so this is a major blow coming on the heels of a year of unprecedented challenges. The resort is one of Langkawi’s most beautiful areas, right on Datai Bay… it was insured, according to the owners, so hopefully it will be completely rebuilt and restored.

  2. Oh no! I stayed there a year and a half ago and loved it! It was one of the more secluded options on Langkawi and was beautiful and understated. Hope they rebuild – I would be happy to come back.

  3. I’ve stayed there many times. A great hotel in a superb location. I hope they rebuild. It’s a wonderful place.

  4. My family and I went there twice, and adored our stays. The staff was wonderful, the scenery stunning. We were hoping to return there once travel became safe again.

    This truly saddens me.

  5. No, a luxury hotel burning with no deaths or injuries is absolutely not “tragic”. Come on – check your privilege.

  6. @Bob, did anyone call a language cop? No, no they didn’t. There’s nothing wrong with what Ben wrote and he’s entitled to word statements as he pleases.

    Using the term “check your privilege” actually is tragic….for those of us who get headaches from rolling our eyes so hard over it.

  7. Very disappointing. I am thinking about Langkawi for a trip after getting vaccinated and was considering Andaman if I did book a trip.

    Hopefully they rebuild better than ever.

  8. Stayed there for our honeymoon in April, 2006. Have been back twice since. It is such a breathtaking location with spa huts on a cliff that overlook Datai Bay. This is heartbreaking.

  9. Much prefer the Datai next door. It along with the Datai is in the best part of Langkawi though.

    Stayed there once and The Datai 4 times when I lived in Singapore. Quick weekend break.

    Sad news though. Malaysia has just implemented huge restrictions again I believe due to COVID.

  10. Yes! I stayed there in January 2017. I loved the long, narrow swimming pool that faced all the ground-floor rooms. What a pity!

  11. One of my favourite hotels in Asia, very well established with a great team of staff and a stunning location. I hope that the staff are looked after and their efforts to look after the surrounding coral can somehow continue whilst they rebuild and reopen (which I am sure they will)

  12. This is tragic. Nicely designed hotel in a great location.

    Huge THANK YOU for succinctly writing up what many of us are thinking. What a putz that guy was. I’m still searching for my painkiller.

  13. We have stayed there six time, our last stay was for Christmas and New Year 2020 (i.e. two weeks ago). Wonderful place with the most wonderful staff! From the bottom of my heart I do hope that they will be able to rebuild and reopen. One of the world’s greatest escapes would otherwise be lost…

  14. We were married here in 2014. This is so sad, but maybe a reason to go back when it does reopen. We can go back to support this beautiful and one of a kind place.

  15. It so sad to hear about the loss. We were in Andaman from 12/12/20 till 15/12/20.

    We loved the place and it was our 5th time there

  16. Dont stress guys, there are lots of nice hotels in Malaysia and Indonesia . As nice as this one . But countries still closed to tourists .

  17. So sorry Andaman. My favourite bit of paradise. It is tragic- anyone who has stayed there will know their deep connection with the wildlife that you are at one with during your time there. Hoping those Colugo’s and and Dusky leaf Langurs made it to the safety of the forest.

  18. Hi Ben,
    I was staying at Andaman Langkawi during the fire, as a matter of fact I was the one who reported the fire to the Andaman team as the fire started on roof and was not in a position to be realised by people under the roofs, being one of the merely 20-+ guests in hotel (due to Malaysian MCO -movement restriction order- to be in place just the same night to curb the covid) I was able to detect the smoke/flames from the beach and called in 5min to four and reported..
    Have the most amazing shots at minutes hours before the fire..

    As a member of airline & tourism industry player and most importantly an enthusiastic guest at that time, I still feel very emotional & connected with the staff of Andaman and I just wish&pray that no one from the team would have losses upon this major destruction…

  19. Ah this is really sad. My partner and I stayed at the Andaman back in 2018 and had a wonderful time there. One of my best trips ever. My sympathies go to all the staff. I really hope the wildlife and the rainforest, and the marine conservation facilities in the hotel weren’t badly affected.

    It’s funny how something so far away – geographically and as a point in time – can make you feel emotional. It’s brought back happy memories of good times when we had the freedom to travel and enjoy the world, and now I’m sad.

  20. I only heard about this via an email from The Datai next door, confirming basically that “they’re alright Jack” – I don’t even recall a single expression of sorrow for what had happened next door, or offer of help, just thanks for guests checking that they’re okay at The Datai.

    Kinda puts me off The Datai.

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