And so begins a Suite(s) ride…

The only story I have so far is from the TSA. The A380 is pretty new in San Francisco, and the agent said “hmmm, suites, what is that, like a hotel room in the sky?”

Yeah, something like that…

Talk to you guys from the other side of the Pacific!

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  1. Except that the TSA doesn’t operate in SFO…it’s privately run despite the same blue shirts and badges.

  2. Very sad to see “through March 31” on that sign (although I knew it already). Am on SQ from SFO to SIN in May. No suite, and since I’m on the late flight no caviar.

    I already have CX F for Feb, so can’t feel too sorry for myself.

  3. I’m doing a RT in February (with a side trip to KUL). Hope you can file your report by then. Are you doing the double bed on this one?

  4. I was flying home to SNA from SFO last night(1/15) and watched the A380 pulling into the terminal.

  5. Ah if only I could get one of those coveted EU passports…without paying 1 BILLION DOLLARS!

  6. W Brian Duncan (AKA IPBrian) said,

    Ah if only I could get one of those coveted EU passports…without paying 1 BILLION DOLLARS!

    I thought Hungary was selling permanent residency for a $300,000 loan, with a fast-track to citizenship.

  7. Damn that lounge looks about as much fun as a night locked in a freezer!

    Give me Virgin Atlantics lounge in LHR anyday.

  8. I too have dual citizenship and always wondered when to use one passport over the other, can you actually use both on a trip and then selectively pick one over the other for various segments without causing issues when entering back into the US with holes in your trip and missing stamps etc??

  9. @ Nick — Yes, that’s not a problem. All that matters is that you use your US passport to enter the US and EU passport to enter the EU. Which passports you use to enter other countries really doesn’t matter, as you can always “prove” it by showing the other passport.

  10. ah ok excellent. I figured they would have an issue with you arriving from somewhere that you have no stamp for in your passport, but glad to hear that is not the case.

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