ANA introduces new cabins on 777-300ER

I’ve always enjoyed my flights on ANA, although I haven’t flown them between the US and Japan in a while. While the service and food are excellent, they have slanted flat seats in business class which just don’t constitute a “world class” product anymore. Fortunately that will start changing in February, as they begin to reconfigure their 777-300ERs.

The first class product looks great, although I doubt it will be a big change from the old product, which was fantastic as well. It looks like there will be improvements in the first class ground experience at Narita, though, which is a welcomed change. The biggest improvement, though, is in business class, since they’ll now have relatively private flat bed seating. Coach also looks like a big improvement with shell seating, although I’m not really an expert on that part of the plane (j/k…. sort of). 😉

There’s one thing I don’t understand for the life of me. I’ve always thought ANA had too many premium seats (and not enough coach seats) on their 777-300ERs, yet they’re basically keeping the proportions the same with the reconfiguration. The new configuration will have eight first class seats, 68(!!!) business class seats, 24 premium economy seats, and 112 economy seats. That’s a mere 212 seats on a 777-300ER, which just can’t possibly make sense, especially as more and more business travelers are looking to save wherever they can.

I’m hoping their business class award availability stays as good as it has been in the past, as I’d definitely like to fly them again when the new product is flying to either IAD, ORD, LAX, or SFO.

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  1. Leave it to the Japanese to be the first to have computerized toilets on their aircraft, but this is not surprising considering that their TOTO toilets are so technologically advanced. I am also curious to see a big picture of how the staggered seating in BIZ looks.

  2. I just flew on a very narrow smart something on Asiana and I am only 5-10 tall and 170 lbs. I was very disappointed. The ANA new buz on the 777-300 ER product looks the same, small and hard to get into and get out of….
    I really would love to see Singapore Airlines to release some business class seats. I am not sure how they stay member of Star Alliance. The on board product on Singapore airline is amazing however, first they do not release any First Class seats and if you can find one, you prob will for 2013, perhaps just one segment and I only found one seat from Dubai to Singapore and one seat from Copenhagen to Sin on their 777-200 old horrible product. I do not think they should remain member of Star Alliance unless they start releasing some seats like everyone else. Once they cancel flights, or in my case I broke my foot and they would not do anything… and let me change my flight and a broken foot caused me major complications and had surgery here in the US. I hit my foot to the old Business Class seat of their older seat…. They cancelled my flight, they rebooked my other First class paid ticket to a different day, I missed a meeting in Singapore before attending a major PR party before going on a gay cruise, My last ticket was with mileage from US airways and Singapore Airlines lost my computer and bag and did not return it back for 2 days later on my way to JNB from Hong Kong and I was Flying on South African. To me, Turkish Airlines offers a much superior product now in the air and on the ground….. Perhaps the Turkish girls are not as hot and skinny and made up dolls as the Singapore girls and that is the only difference. I get lonely on flights and I hate talking to other passengers and most passengers in First or Buz specially on SQ are very snooty and do not want to talk to begin with even for 4 minutes, The Minute I start talking to a Singapore Girl, they are on hurry!!! Always! and their Chief Purser which is a typically an ugly older guy or an ugly Fem Asian guy, they pull the Flight Attendant away from talking to me… I have been on SQ flights many times and this is the general practice. Plus I have never been compensated for any of my inconveniences. How do I deal with SQ? so, far all I have had was a $100 dollar discount on duty free via an email when I fly SQ next. They did not even refund me for the hotel in HKG. Who should I contact? Where should I go? Many many problems during my last trip…. even after a medical condition…
    two flight cancellation, loss of my personal item. My previous First Class trip interrupted and I have written to their customer service many times. What should I do? Can I take them to Small Claims here in the US? Thanks,
    [email protected]

  3. That was the worst thing I think I’ve seen anybody post on this site. I’m still trying to figure out what the point of it was, besides him obviously thinking SQ sucks? Er, ok. I guess with Frank gone, we need to get our crazy from somebody else.

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