Amex Centurion Lounge Seattle To Triple In Size

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It looks like the Centurion Lounge Seattle may go from being Amex’s smallest lounge, to being one of the biggest.

The basics of Amex Centurion Lounges

One of the things that people love about American Express‘ premium credit cards is that they offer access to Amex Centurion Lounges, which are among the best lounges you’ll find at US airports. They’ve historically featured complimentary cocktails, hot food, and a couple of them even have spas.

Unfortunately Centurion Lounges are closed at the moment, though that’s not stopping Amex from still investing in their lounge network for the future. Several new Centurion Lounges are on the horizon, and there are also plans to expand some existing lounges.

Centurion Lounge Seattle expansion plans

The Centurion Lounge Seattle is the smallest lounge in Amex’s network of US airport lounges.

When the lounge first opened it was actually branded as the “Centurion Studio,” as it was only 3,100 square feet. Since then the lounge has been expanded to 4,500 square feet, but it’s still quite small.

Well, there’s good news on that front — it looks like this will be changing. Next Tuesday during the Port of Seattle’s meeting, one topic on the agenda is the expansion of the Centurion Lounge Seattle.

The plan isn’t for space to be added onto the existing lounge, but rather for the Centurion Lounge Seattle to be relocated altogether. If this were to happen, the Centurion Lounge Seattle would increase in size from 4,500 square feet to 13,700 square feet.

Here’s the plan:

  • Amex would lease space on the upper level of the Central Terminal, above the central food court area; this is a new space that was created during the Central Terminal’s renovation
  • Amex would lease the space for 10 years, and would pay $220 per square foot per year for the first five years, so that’s about $3 million per year in rent
  • Amex would invest $16.5 million to build the space

Here are the relevant slides from the presentation:

Bottom line

There are plans in place for the Centurion Lounge Seattle to be hugely expanded, from 4,500 square feet to 13,700 square feet. At least that will be addressed during the agenda with the Port of Seattle next week.

SeaTac has seen a massive amount of growth in recent years, and in many ways the lounge capacity hasn’t kept up with the increase in demand. Hopefully this plan is approved.

Are you looking forward to the Centurion Lounge Seattle potentially being expanded?

(Tip of the hat to @matthewatyou)

  1. Will be nice to see when done, that lounge was way too crowded three years ago when i was there, i cant even imagine what it was like back in February.

  2. Now I have a decision, keep my Alaska Lounge membership, or get a Platinum card? The current SEA Amex lounge isn’t worth the annual fee but a much bigger one might be.

  3. SEATAC has been no better than a 3rd world terminal with all the expansion rehabilitations going on, frankly much to the dismay of us travelers that go through weekly. There have been times when I welcomed airline food due to the lack of restaurants and or long lines for the ones that are open. Those that are open quality has declined as well. The international terminal is still a dump

  4. Yeah, that lounge is miserable, nice that they will expand.

    Michael – I like the SEA Lounge up in N Gates. That’s wild.
    But, still think the Delta one there is the best (and I mostly fly Delta now)

  5. Hope they expand their menu as well. Their food offering are more like appetizers and feel cheap. Rarely do I find anything filling as a substitute for lunch or dinner

  6. @George Thanks. I’m a monthly flyer so struggle to get to MVP each year. Mainly I’m going to SFO, ORD, and DCA. So lounge access for me will always be paid, and Alaska Lounge is significantly cheaper than SkyClub. Plus MVP still gets me occasional upgrades to F, whereas Silver Medallion never will.

  7. The lounge is always jam packed , the only there are seats available are the first 15 minutes after the doors open.

    One of the main reasons , is JBLM is near Sea-Tac and is one of the largest bases with free AMEX Plat , for active duty there is a much larger than normal base of cardholders for Sea-Tac

  8. I usually fly Delta to Seattle, so I’m always in the excellent Sky Club. Last time, however, I flew Alaska — on which I have no status — so I used the Centurion Club on my way back home (March 3rd, just as the virus was sweeping King County). That place is a friggin’ dump.

    Great service from the older gentleman at the front desk, from the folks at the coffee station, and from one of the female bartenders (with whom I had a fun conversation about douchey business travelers who don’t tip). All around, a good crew trapped in a tiny hellhole with too few power outlets. I will definitely drop in to check it out once they’ve finished the new space.

  9. I can’t imagine the new lounge being ready prior to mid- to late-2022. It seems most of the Centurion lounge grand openings were later than planned…by months, if not years (looking at you, JFK!).
    @Tortuga, yeah, the food at the existing “Studio” was very blah, the mixed drinks very nice. Hopefully with the larger space comes improved kitchen/warming/staging.

  10. If I’m reading the plans right, it wouldn’t be over the old Anthony’s, it would be over the current Evergreens all the way to the section over the Hudsons by the B gates. Was originally slated to be a Starbucks concept.

  11. I flew through Sea-Tac in April when domestic flights were at 5% of capacity. It was still jam-packed and nasty.

    I can see why AmEx sees it as a market where people would eagerly sign up to escape the terminal for $500 a year.

  12. That is not above the old Anthony’s. (Which I hadn’t realized had closed; it was my go-to spot for a sit-down meal).

  13. Seattle is the worst airport for lounges they are perpetually at capacity or have an excuse, anticipating being at capacity if they’re empty… even if untangle the rules and get passed the idiot guarding the desk, the BA and AK lounges are dumps.

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