The Expanded Amex Centurion Lounge Seattle Is Now Open

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Over the past several years we’ve seen American Express open several of their own lounges, available to those with The Platinum Card® from American Express and The Business Platinum® Card from American Express

In terms of U.S. locations, American Express has lounges in Dallas, HoustonLas VegasMiamiNew YorkSan Francisco, and Seattle.

Up until now their smallest lounge has been in Seattle, which opened in mid-2015. The lounge has been roughly 3,100 square feet in size, and didn’t have all the same services as the other lounge — there was no hot food or full bar, but rather only cold snacks, along with wine and beer. As a result, they’ve referred to it as a Centurion Studio rather than a Centurion Lounge.


However, American Express has planned on expanding this lounge significantly. Last August I wrote about how they were planning on adding 1,400 square feet to the lounge, with the goal of eventually making the lounge 10,000 square feet, which would make it their biggest lounge yet. Per an airport memo at the time:

To support its growing operations at the Airport, Delta is constructing a new centrally located Delta SkyClub Lounge located between Concourses A and B. As part of this project, Delta’s Lounge project construction obstructs all existing windows of the existing Amex Lounge, but is also constructing a separate HVAC tower that provides for the opportunity of approximately 1,400 square feet of expansion space for Amex to grow into and regain some of their exterior windows. Although this expansion opportunity gives them only a fraction of their desired expansion area, they are interested in the incremental buildout until the Port can find a long-term solution that meets their desired lounge requirement of 10,000 square feet. But because this area has never been occupied by a tenant, it is in a raw condition which requires basic improvements to allow for occupancy and lease. Using the Port’s Tenant Reimbursement Policy/Guidelines, the Port would reimburse Amex the cost to construct basic utilities and other occupancy related improvements. Amex’s leased premises would expand 1,400 square feet and would return some of the windows and daylight hidden by the current Delta construction project.

Well, the good news is that the expanded Centurion Lounge in Seattle is now open. Because of the expansion, it’s now a Centurion Lounge rather than a Centurion Studio.

The Points Guy has pictures of the expansion. Here’s what we know about the new space:

  • The lounge’s capacity has been increased from 61 people to 103 people, so that’s an increase in capacity of 42 people
  • The lounge is now a total of ~4,500 square feet
  • The lounge now has a full service bar with cocktails, while previously it only had wine and beer
  • The lounge has two additional restrooms, one of which has a shower; before it only had two restrooms, which wasn’t enough
  • There’s no change to the food selection


Bottom line

It’s great that Amex has substantially expanded their footprint in Seattle. Not only is the lounge bigger, but it has improved offerings, including a better drink selection. This is especially well timed, as the Alaska Lounge Seattle seems to be denying more Priority Pass members access.

In the case of overcrowding, there’s always still The Club at SEA, which is accessible through Priority Pass. While the offerings there aren’t great, at least crowding is typically not an issue.

I’m looking forward to checking out the expanded Amex Centurion Lounge Seattle soon.

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  1. When I was in the SEA lounge the last weekend of Feb, they weren’t sure whether it would change name from Studio (to regular). I think the issue was food. But I don’t thin the expansion has a kitchen – so likely no change in kitchen facilities – so still more limited food and heated packaged food.

    I guess they made a marketing decision to take away the studio name – so I guess there will be no more Studio versions.

  2. Please stop suggesting The Club at SEA without mentioning it is >> VERY VERY FAR << from anything other than the few A gates it's near. You seem to know this, having visited it but it's not really an option for most flyers most of the time.

    Still, I find it pleasant.

  3. @Mark lol no joke The Club is half way to PDX and not worth a walk half as far.

    I do wish they had the proper kitchen but the current food isn’t that bad, they also have a soup on offer that is pretty good usually. On the whole glad this expansion is open hopefully they can get the 10K sqft expansion quickly.

  4. I’m so confused why AMEX is giving SEA the short-end of the stick. Even post-expansion the food options are majorly short. I’m sure they must be aware that AMEX Platinum card holders can simply just use the Delta Sky Club instead,

  5. @keitherson – This is better than nothing, Denver’s lounges are pretty bad. And you can only use DL lounges if you have a flight on DL with the Platinum card just like the Prestige card with AA lounges and needing an AA flight to enter.

  6. I am a new user of the Amex Centurion lounges. Maybe I’ll change over time, but now, for my money, while marginally better than most Big 3 domestic lounges, Amex Centurion lounges are overrated and overcrowded.

  7. Ketherson, the Delta lounge advised me that as an Amex platinum card member, you must be flying on Delta that day to access the Delta lounge.

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