America’s First All Inclusive Pot Resort Opens This Summer

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With the recreational sale of marijuana nowĀ legal in Colorado, it seems like this is slowly creeping into the hospitality industry, with the introduction of the first all inclusive pot resort in the US. And I have to say, the marketing of this property is genius.

The resort is called CannaCamp, “A Bud+Breakfast Mountain Resort.”


What kind of cannabis activities can you expect at CannaCamp?

  • Cooking with Cannabis
  • Cannabis Education Classes
  • Cannabis Yoga
  • Canvas & Cannabis
  • Cannabis-Infused Massage Therapy
  • Cannabis Pairing Dinners
  • Glass Blowing Demonstrations
  • Bonfires
  • 4:20 Community Hour

Kudos to them for having a theme and sticking to it! Here’s how they describe cannabis yoga:

Cannabis is changing the face of medicine and overall mental and physical wellness. Consuming small doses before participating in one of our yoga classes melts away nerves and inhibitions, and makes you more receptive to the poses and music. Enjoy a mellow high, and a greater focus on breathing in the crisp mountain air. Namaste.

And who needs an Embassy Suites manager’s reception, when you have a “4:20 Community Hour”? Here’s how they describe that:

Our version of Happy Hour, guests are encouraged to come together, smoke freely in a comfortable environment, and enjoy a variety of tasty snacks and drinks.


The resort is taking reservations for stays starting July 1, 2015, and rates start at $395 per night for single occupancy (they increase significantly for multiple guests, given that it’s an all inclusive resort, and presumably food costs are quite high at a resort centered around getting stoned). šŸ˜‰


While it’s no doubt a creative idea, I have to wonder whether there’s actually a long term market for such a property. A wake and bake is one thing, but are there enough people willing to center their vacations around toking? And if so, do they have $395 per person per night to spend on it?

While I’ve never in my life smoked weed, I’m sort of tempted to stay at this property. Not to partake in any activities, but rather just to observe…

Do you think there’s a market for a “bud & breakfast” resort?

(Tip of the hat to Michael W Travels)

  1. Well, Coloroado needs that money. As you may or may not know, many state governments in U.S. are poor!!!!! Not only Colorado, I think California, Illinois, Michigan or any state government is running short of money should promote weed industry! We can really use that money, mostly from foreign tourists to improve benefits, education, infrastructure , you name it. By making America the world’s number one country for weed tourism, we could afford all nice things we want (we can even have Sweden style pensions!)

  2. That’s funny! I would never stay at a resort like that, but I guess there is probably a market for such a resort!

    After all, if you want to be successful in life, you have to innovate, and those guys are for sure innovating!

  3. The price point seems high but I am guessing the demo they are looking for is 40-60 year olds rather than the stereotypical young pot smoker. I think this may well work now but IMHO there biggest potential problem is ongoing legalization efforts across the country. They wont near as unique if states from Massachusetts to California legalize pot in 2016.

  4. I noticed that only two of the listed activities don’t involve any cannabis: Glass Blowing Demonstrations and Bonfires. Do you think this was intentional?

  5. well try it Ben , the ”effects’ are not much different than having more glasses of Krug or Dom at cruising alltitude šŸ˜€ .. just do it with the right people and u gonna have fun

  6. @Mitch Cumstein – I’d wager that they either lost interest or forgot the question. šŸ˜‰

  7. @Mitch “donā€™t involve any cannabis: Glass Blowing Demonstrations and Bonfires”

    I can assume you’re not familiar with Colorado cannabis culture, then. Reexamine your premises that lead you to suppose that glass blowing isn’t a cannabis based activity. Likewise, what do you suppose goes on at a Colorado bonfire? Marshmallow roasting? And what makes you hungry enough to eat burnt marshmallows?

  8. Even the shittiest comedian would get a standing ovation…can you imagine the all you can eat menu…let’s not forget competitive napping…the winner of any athletic event ( who are we kidding ) gets 10 Quaaludes and a gram of coke…the beds could have nails in them and nobody would notice……I think I’m going to go!

  9. At first, I was like, why would anyone do this? Then I thought about it and it’s not that different from going to a B&B at a winery or doing a “wine trail” where you start at 10 or 11 and drink wine all day at different wineries. I’m one of those people that pot has no effect on, sadly, so I’m not in the market.

  10. Hey, you know what? Alcohol companies have been making millions off of cruise ships and all inclusive resorts in Cabo that just wreck people’s bodies and leave them with a bad hangover and an STD (what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas!) This is about community and connecting with each other. Have you ever seen two stoners get into a bar fight? Cheat on their girlfriend? Wreck their car? These embarrassing stories start with vodka, not a joint. One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright, right?

    Maybe the next step is for cancer victims and their families?? Learning about CBD oil, growing hemp, benefits of cannabinoids, ketones, and endorphin receptors… Now that sounds amazing! This is a fantastic first step. I would definitely check this out given the chance. I’m also a yoga instructor and nutritionist and would be very interested in the cooking and yoga aspects!

  11. I would certainly be interested in checking it out. However, looking at their website, it seems like they only have nine (9) cabins. A rather intimate experience dissuades me.

  12. @Ben: “sit around,not partake and observe.” PLEASE! You know what will happen… will observe yourself partaking in a “contact world” from being around it so that you can drift off into wondering if they have a loyalty program and try to figure out when your next mattress run will be.

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