American flight attendants to get Samsung Galaxy Note tablets

Later this year American will be giving all their flight attendants Samsung Galaxy Note tablets to use onboard, in an effort to improve the passenger information that flight attendants have access to. Check out the video American made about the program:

To the best of my knowledge the only other airline with a similar program is British Airways, which gives their pursers/CSDs iPads. Kudos to American for the innovation on this one, and hopefully it proves useful. Now, if only they could give their pilots some Dayquil or something. šŸ˜‰

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  1. I am curious as to whether it wouldn’t make more sense to give them iPads as they’re giving those to the pilots. I realise there’s a cost difference, but it seems like you’d want one product across the fleet

  2. @JAbrams72: the pilots probably need the added functionality a larger screen provides to review their manuals while FAs are up and about serving passengers in the cabin. In the video one of the VPs mentioned that they tested several devices with a number of FAs in a pilot program so presumably the iPad was tested. The note is small enough to hold with one hand and easily place in ones pocket.

    AA seems to be working closely with Samsung, look at the Galaxy tablets, LCD monitors at their gates and ACs.

  3. I agree with @JoshG as to the size, but from a support perspective @Jabrams72 hits it on the head…more devices in an organization aren’t a better thing (especially differing OS). Honestly (and I am feeling funny saying this), but it seems the perfect fit for the oft rumored iPad mini!

  4. On my last four Iberia flights, the purser had an iPad. With it, the purser was able to honor passenger requests for seat changes in the business class cabin, for example.

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