American Announces First Boeing 787 Routes

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American recently took delivery of their first Boeing 787, which was a bit later than expected. They were originally supposed to take delivery of their first 787 in 2014, though that delivery slipped to late January 2015, which wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

As is the norm when airlines take delivery of a new type of aircraft, it doesn’t immediately go into passenger service. Instead they work on finalizing the interior, crew familiarization, pilot training, etc.

Anyway, American has finally announced their first 787 routes, which include the following:

  • Domestic flights between Dallas and Chicago starting May 7, 2015
  • International flights between Dallas and Beijing starting June 2, 2015
  • Flights between Dallas and Buenos Aires starting June 4, 2015

The exact flight details should be announced on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015, when the flights become bookable.


I can’t wait to see American’s 787 interiors firsthand. The product looks very similar to the new Boeing 777-200 business class interiors, which is a solid hard product.



As far as the 787 schedule goes, it’s normal for airlines to first operate new aircraft domestically for crew familiarization purposes. It’s also pretty normal for airlines to first operate planes like the 787 on “reliable” international routes, though long term I really do hope that American uses the 787 to take some risks with new routes. Expansion to Asia out of LAX, as well as expansion to the Middle East and Africa has been rumored, so here’s to hoping the 787 brings that to fruition.

  1. An exciting chapter for us AA flyers. I am looking forward to flying this new dreamy to Beijing. I am ready to book once it becomes available. Tempted on just booking the domestic leg as well to get a glimpse of this new aircraft. šŸ™‚

  2. Ben, do you think this will now be the best way to fly to Argentina? Wonder how award availability will be like on this route

  3. With 28 J seats, this is going to make last minute itinerary changes when on paid flexible tickets difficult, let alone award and upgrade travel.

  4. I still will prefer to take JFK – EZE or JFK-SCL-EZE than going through DFW. Hope they can add those routes with the 787

  5. Interestin mix of forward and rear facing seats.

    Had my first experience of the 777-300ER a couple of weeks ago which was excellent so excited to try this when its available.

    (Saw the aircraft at the gates at DFW last Friday, looks good in the new Livery)

  6. @ Luis — I would expect that like most of American’s other longhaul international routes, premium cabin saver availability will be abysmal. It should be a very good hard product, though.

  7. Does anyone know the best way to find the ORD-DFW flight that uses the 787? I need to travel that route in June so the 787 should be in service and I’d like to be on it, but every flight I pull up on AA’s web site shows other types of aircraft.

  8. Just reread the AA tweet and I see “book starting 02/14”, so I will look again on that day. But I’m still wondering if there is a more efficient way to hunt down the 787 because there are like a billion flights between ORD and DFW every day.

  9. Must be better routes than EZE for extracting $$ on AA’s part considering the other options aren’t that nice to begin with and sometimes premium cabins are dirt cheap depending on dates/origination/direction of routing. That being said it is fairly long route and limited frequency plus main hub to regular outpost for business travel…

  10. @ tara — They haven’t published flights yet, so not yet. It should be possible once it’s published. To be clear, though, it sounds to me like they’ll only fly the 787 between Dallas and Chicago temporarily. I don’t think they’ll keep flying it domestically for long once international service begins.

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