New American Airlines SimplyMiles Program — What Is It?

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American Airlines has this week launched SimplyMiles, which is a new opportunity to earn bonus miles with retailers using your American Airlines credit cards. Don’t get too excited, at least initially (and frankly probably don’t even get too excited long-term).

What is American Airlines SimplyMiles?

SimplyMiles is essentially a program for earning bonus miles for making purchases with select retailers. This is available on co-branded Citi and Barclays American Airlines credit cards, and when you register you can start earning bonus miles with some retailers.

This is largely similar to the Amex Offers and Chase Offers concept, except the rewards come entirely in the form of miles.

How American SimplyMiles Works

The process of getting started is easy. You just have to create an account, link your credit card, and then start adding offers to the card.

In order to register your card, just enter your AAdvantage number, last name, and choose a password.

Then select the AAdvantage card you want to add — again, this has to be either a Barclays or Citi card. While I don’t generally use any American Airlines credit cards for spending (because there are better options out there),  I added my Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®, which is an exceptional card for its lounge access benefit, and it’s the only American Airlines credit card I keep long term.

And that’s it — at that point you’re registered and can start looking at the offers available to you.

What Are American SimplyMiles Offers Like?

To launch there are a total of 30 offers, and I imagine they’ll cycle these over time. You have to register your card for each individual offer you want to consider.

Their launch offers sure are disappointing. For example:

  • Earn 250 bonus miles for spending $75 or more at Olive Garden
  • Earn 200 bonus miles for spending $100 or more at Aldo
  • Earn 1x bonus miles per dollar spent at Shoe Carnival
  • Earn 3x miles per dollar on American Airlines Vacations packages of $3,000+

Yeah, I can’t say I’m too excited about this.

The big thing to keep in mind is that you actually have to pay with your linked American Airlines card to earn the bonus miles, and in many cases there’s a huge opportunity cost to that.

For example, you earn 250 bonus miles when you spend $75 at Olive Garden, but the card ordinarily earns just one mile per dollar spent. So if you spent exactly $75 at an Olive Garden you’d be earning ~4.3 American miles per dollar spent. With other cards I could earn a flat 5x points per dollar spent on dining. So even after jumping through all these hoops I’m still not coming out ahead.

Bottom Line

SimplyMiles is worth being aware of and is a concept that could be cool in theory, but I just don’t see myself ever bothering to check this again. The offers so far are pretty lame, and in most cases you’re already forgoing a lot of points by using an American Airlines credit card compared to some of the other cards out there for everyday spending.

Anyone see value in the new SimplyMiles program?

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  1. This will appeal to people who simply don’t (have a desire to) understand the points/miles game. Folks like parents and uncles/aunts who believe they’re hub-captive to American and are worried about their credit score so they have one co-branded card and think it’s the bee’s knees they can earn “even more” Aadvantage Miles.

  2. Really it’s hard to judge long-term what sort of offers will be on the table. Amex Offers are on the whole not much different (I’ve seen Olive Garden and ALDO on there a million times). What excites people about them are the not infrequent large offers for purchases that are far more useful or exciting. I suspect the utility of these will come down to whether or not any of those sorts of things are lined up for it.

  3. If SimplyMiles is in any way connected to Cartera, you can reasonably expect to get screwed out of whatever bonuses they offer.

  4. Chase has similar offers tied to their various products, including regular debit cards if you bank with them, that you can select in the Chase app, only it is in the form of a “rebate” usually as a statement credit. Nothing really new or innovative here at all.

  5. I hope you can pub a special phone number to explain this offer against the original Citi AA card. We have used this card for years.
    We have around 600,000 miles on the books. Pls explain in plain English which offer is better.

  6. This, to me, is nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig. AA miles are being devalued as we speak and (premium) award seats are increasingly scarce. If I happen to be flying American, I will gladly take the miles; that’s it, period. And yes, I would also use AA eshopping just because it doesn’t cost me anything.

  7. It would be really nice if AA’s management focused on innovations/improvements to pax ex, but it seems everything is about selling miles. I cancelled my co-branded AA credit card and removed the eShopping Chrome plug-in this year because I got tired of contributing to it.

    I’ll still earn the miles as a consequence of being exec plat on AA, but I’m not providing them any incentive to focus on earning revenue for things other than airline ops.

  8. It seems like every Day This site is hating on American Airlines what Gives you being paid by Delta or something ?

  9. We plan our trips 7 or 8 months ahead to reserve good seats. Between AAdvantage eShopping
    and AA dining, AA car rentals, AA cruises, etc; My opinion this new program is redundant.

  10. Will the new SimplyMiles program work in conjunction with (going through the) AAdvantage eShopping, or will only one of those programs work with a single purchase?

  11. the Aadvantage card actually offers two miles per dollar spend at restaurants and gas stations. That would put the miles per dollar at 5.33, not the 4.33.

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