American Opens Fifth DFW Admirals Club, Changes Up Lounge Food

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Here’s a positive update for Admirals Club members, especially those who frequently travel through DFW.

American opens fifth DFW Admirals Club

Today American Airlines has opened an Admirals Club in Terminal E at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. This marks American’s fifth Admirals Club at DFW, as they now have one in each of the five terminals — A, B, C, D, and E.

Terminal E expands lounge service to those traveling on regional flights, as this is DFW’s recently redeveloped satellite regional terminal.

Here are some pictures of the new lounge:

American introducing new Admirals Club menu items

American will also be introducing new Admirals Club menu items throughout their network. As part of their regular refresh of lounge food, American will begin offering lighter options at some hub airport lounges.

This seems completely unnecessary to me. After all, aren’t we craving some mac & cheese while connecting at DFW, between a breakfast flight featuring American’s cheese enchilada, and a lunch flight featuring American’s cheese quesadilla? 😉

So, what should we expect with the new Admirals Club menu?

  • At major-market locations, expect lighter options, like egg scrambles for breakfast, and build-your-own grain bowls for lunch and dinner (replacing macaroni and cheese as of January 28, 2020)
  • At mid-market locations, expect build-your-own macaroni and cheese, and build-your-own cobb and caesar salads

American has shared the following pictures of some of the new Admirals Club menu options:

Best way to access American Admirals Clubs

The best value way to get an Admirals Club membership is with the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®, which I consider to be one of the best airline credit cards.

The card has a $450 annual fee, though the primary cardmember gets an Admirals Club membership, and you can add up to 10 authorized users at no additional cost, and each of them gets Admirals Club access as well. You need to be flying American same day to use the lounge.

Alternatively, here’s the standard pricing for an annual Admirals Club membership:

As you can see, having the credit card really is a better value.

Bottom line

It’s nice to see American open an additional Admirals Club at DFW. Not only does more capacity reduce crowding, but mainly it’s nice to be able to access a lounge without having to change terminals.

I’m also happy to see Admirals Club food changing a bit, including the introduction of lighter options at hubs.

  1. They took out fresh berries and replaced it with crap.

    Even though Mac and cheese is unhealthy, the stiff they serve is the cheapest possible. The chicken in mangey. I went from AAdmirals club in T5 lax to Alaska club in T6, dame good but at least decent quality. Amazing how they cheapened things.

  2. That Mac and cheese is disgusting. Who at AA thought giant vats of macaroni and cheese topped with bacon and chicken is what people want to eat in 2020?

  3. Edible chicken is also too expensive.

    The berries were there for years. They timed the budget cuts with the increase in club fees.

  4. Meanwhile, nothing changes in Charlotte with over-crowding common in two clubs serving 706 flights a day.

  5. Almost everything in Americans catering on or off the planes is disgusting
    But I’ve solved the problem I fly other carriers!Problem solved as a lifetime One World Plat
    In 2000 American had high quality in flight premium cabin dining business or first
    I wonder in my lifetime if we will ever see an improvement? Whats next?
    Admirals club now featuring an exotic course of cheez whiz on crackers? 😉
    Seriously they have a ton more variety (Flagship Lounge) and its all cheap throwaway Ghetto food though otherwise nicely presented
    20 years ago I had hopes American would understand the Premium customer but they have proven to me they are clueless and penny pinching.They did far better decades ago
    Perhaps a change of CEOs might give the airline a chance to be the best in North America given the right vision
    And of course the huge issues at American don’t start or end with food and beverage

  6. What’s with all the black carpet these days – Delta ATL is covered in it

    Shows crumbs really fast, doesn’t really coordinate with anything

    Give me some nice warm tones to relax

    This has all the charm of a Hampton Inn

  7. I’d rather eat the kale from a vending machine next the express coffee. When one pays these fees, it’s expected to be rewarded. They’re just ridiculous #wherestheloyalty

  8. You call this food?!! And people fork out $600 for annual membership?

    Visit Asia. Although we are considered poor compared to Western standards, we will feed you good, sometimes free.

  9. “Build your own grains”??? I’ll take the ‘beloved’ mac and cheese instead. Both look a bit discomforting, but the grains? Good grief

  10. I absolutely hate the new menus at Admiral’s Clubs with the exception of the scrambled eggs option at some clubs. I agree with some of the other comments around wanting some lighter fare that you can snack on such as berries, etc… The current lineup of Mac and cheese along with limp lettuce for salad is disgusting.
    Between these changes and the elimination of local newspapers back in January ‘19 I will be reconsidering my renewal.

  11. Dose DFW have a flagship lounge ?

    I will be flying AA MAD-DFW-AUS and have three hours in DFW, I’m one world emerald (BAEC gold) which lounge should I use in DFW?

  12. @Nick, DFW has a flagship lounge in Terminal D near gate 23, which I guess should be where your MAD-DFW flight will arrive. Get your food and shower there along with whatever you want, then take the Skytrain (or walk, if it’s still in Terminal D) to your DFW-AUS flight.

  13. @Demetrius Menge – my exact thoughts – this was the last United Club – and it looks like it has the same furniture, wall treatments, and carpet. But it was fairly new.

    United site shows it is back at their old club location between gates E6 and E7. Maybe that was the plan or the remote location did not workout for UA.

  14. @Demetrius Menge @Randy pretty sure the reason UA reverted back to their old location is because that satellite terminal that juts off from Terminal E has been converted for American Eagle use only. Most UA flights used to operate out of the satellite terminal where this club is but I guess it makes no sense to put it out there now that they only fly out of the main E terminal.

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